Friday, December 11, 2009

For the Cannibal Who Needs A Boost

Advertising rules the world, or at least serves as a well recognized figurehead in capitalistic cultures like that of the United States. Sometimes a good product is cursed with a poor marketing campaign. Sometimes a horrible product is blessed with an advertising team that could sell sand in Saudi Arabia. Then there are the times when an absurd product is matched with an advertising campaign that can only be the result of an overwrought marketing intern laden with too many Heinekens and not enough sleep.

As an example of that final category, I submit the following:

This is not a bag of blood. No, no. This is the newest energy drink designed specifically to cater to those caught up in the vampire craze.

Marketed as “the world’s first synthetic blood beverage,” this limited edition drink is intentionally designed to mimic the color, look, consistency, and nutritional composition of actual human blood. If that’s not enough to satisfy the fanged enthusiast lurking within you, the drink, sold as a Blood Energy Potion by Urban Collector, is packaged in a re-sealable transfusion style blood bag.

So, what do you think? Has marketing gone too far in delivering a drink that all but tastes like actual human blood? Or is Urban Collector and its marketing team merely responding to a need in the market? (I'm really hoping someone tries to argue that there is colossal void in the energy drink landscape that can only be filled by bagged faux-blood. If someone can convincingly make that case, I'll order a bag of Blood Energy Potion myself!)



  1. You know, nothing surprises me anymore, but I won't be trying it any time soon -- just give me good, old caffine. That's my energy drink of choice.

  2., I don't think so, thanks anyway. I have an aversion to blood whether it be real or synthetic.

  3. Gretchen, where in the Otherworld do you come up with these things? I want to hitch a ride to your star because you are in the coolest universe.

    Only the mind of a marketer could hop aboard the vampire bandwagon with a blood beverage. Disgusting? Yes. Will it sell? Who knows. We'll all be laughing our asses off when it brings home millions...
    I can definitely see it as a gag gift this holiday season, especially for the vampire crazed wannabe....

  4. Gretchen: You will definitely appreciate the marketing team behind the makers of the product (Harcos LLC) for their website they made to go with the bag of Blood. [ ]