Monday, December 21, 2009

The Christmas Elf

Every family has their share of Christmas traditions. This year, a new one has been added to our household. My children, thanks to *very reliable* information from their friends at school, have discovered the sport of elf trapping. Yes, evidently if you create a small bed in your room and bait it with a glass of water, crushed crackers (don’t ask) and candy, an elf will come to visit you. With any luck, he’ll eat the treats, fall asleep in the elf bed and you can catch him before he wakes. So far, my children have had no luck snagging the little fella. But he’s made it known that he’s around. He’s left Pez dispensers on the elf beds, tubs of snowman cotton candy, a basement full of green balloons, “Elvis Was Here” written in foil confetti on the kitchen table (yes, our elf’s name is Elvis), and last but not least, he’s barricaded the children in their rooms using tacky purple and orange garlands like crime scene tape across their doors. What will the sneaky little guy in green think of next? Who knows? But the kids sure are enjoying his nocturnal visits, even though it means mom is not getting much sleep these days. Thankfully, Elvis goes back to the North Pole on Christmas Eve, not to return again until next year.