Friday, November 6, 2009

The Hype of Twilight

Fortunately or not, depending upon your point of view, Twilight has become a bona fide cultural phenomenon, thrusting vampires into the limelight like nothing else in recent years. Now, I love vampires as much as the next gal, but I'm not sure I understand the complete madness that surrounds this particular set of vampires. Excuse me, this particular set of *sparkly* vampires. It seems that just the sight of Rpatz (that’s Robert Pattinson for those of us gratefully beyond our teenage years), with his tasseled, unwashed hair and suspiciously dilated eyes, can send tweens into a state of hysteria unseen since Beatlemania.

To be honest, I read Twilight. I enjoyed it too, at the time. It’s somewhat hard to remember that innocent enjoyment now, what with my allergy to over-hype. But it seems we’ve finally reached a point in all the Twilight-mania where my enjoyment can return. That point, my friends and patrons, is the backlash.

Oh, how I love snark.

On November 4, The Harvard Lampoon released the Twilight parody, Nightlight. The first chapter is available online through Entertainment Weekly, and proves to be mildly entertaining. For those familiar with both Stephenie Meyer’s infamous series, and the movies it’s spawned, Nightlight may prove to be a breath of fresh air in a fandom that's getting rather stuffy with fanaticism.

My favorite part of this parody? Waiting to see the outraged response from the Super Fans. Now THAT will be amusing.



  1. LOL, Gretchen--LOVED your post. And I agree with a few caveats.

    First off, I wish Ms. Myers all the success in the world. It should only happen to the rest of us.

    Given that, however, I found her book highly resistable. I never believed the attraction between Bella and Edward, except that he's beautiful and she's not subject to his mind reading. Not enough to sustain a relationship for me. I couldn't finish it.

    Perhaps I'm too old, but it read like a lot of telling and not much showing.

    The movie was equally bleh and despite how well it did I'm wondering if the moneymen felt the same way since they hired a new director for the sequel.

    Anyway, I'm off to check out the satire. And yes, I'm sure die hard fans will swoon with anger.

    Again, it should only happen to all of us...

  2. Wow--just finished the excerpt. Very funny. Now I think I'll go be paralyzed for an hour, too.

  3. I also didn't get the whole Twilight thing. Guess my grey roots are showing. But I will have to say I liked the movie better than the book.

  4. Haven't read The Host (love the title, btw) largely because Twilight was so awful. Interesting that you thought it better. Maybe I'll take a peek at it.