Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Got Turkey?

Since a large portion of our customers are off doing some massive home cooking or preparing to do some massive home cooking -- or at the very least preparing to do some massive home eating -- Thanksgiving (US) at the Otherworld Diner we tend to close our doors and enjoy our families. On Black Friday we're open, serving up tasty desserts to soothe the stress of harried shoppers, but not on US Turkey Eatin' Day.

Now, not everyone who celebrates Thanksgiving has turkey for dinner. Vegetarians, turkey haters, people watching their income and outgo, folks just plain bored with gobbler -- they might mix it up on this fourth Thursday in November. I've heard of people trying everything from salmon to rattlesnake (ew!) on Thanksgiving instead of turkey. For more information about the traditional US Thanksgiving dinner you can visit our own Brenda's post from last week here:'

A lot of us do stick with the big bird for our big eating. Here are some more non-traditional turkey recipes and recipes for turkey leftovers you might like to try:

Whole turkeys:

Turkey leftovers:


Jody W. *


  1. I've listed some great leftover ideas as well. Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Thanks for the leftover ideas, Jody! I'm desperate to get rid of all that turkey.


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