Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Meet Annie Solomon

Here at the Diner, staff comes and goes. We miss the ones who move on to bigger and better things but we're always happy to see shiny new faces. Starting this Friday, we'll be welcoming author Annie Solomon (http://www.anniesolomon.com/) to our fold. She'll be posting about once a month with reviews of various paranormal television programs and movies that our visitors might like to check out.

So let's learn a little more about Annie!

1) Briefly, who are you as an author and what do you write?

Interesting phraseology. Who am I as an author? That, I have no idea. The latter is easier to answer: I write romantic suspense. Which, to those uninitiated folks, means I write thriller/mystery/suspense type books with a love story. I think of myself as edgy, grittier than most in my genre. Not that my books are set in the alleyways of the Big City and my characters are all drug addicts. But they tend to be kind of on the dark side with a lot of heavy baggage. I’d be curious to know whether readers find me as gritty and dark as I think I am.

2) What do you do (voluntarily) when you're not writing?

I knit, play Sudoku and other games on the computer, meet the gals for mah jongg, watch the ABC soap lineup, and try to clear my brain out by not doing too much of anything.

3) What's your favorite deadline snack?

This may sound a little goody-goody of me, but I try not to do too much snacking while writing because I don’t do a lot of exercising. But if the world was coming to an end (or maybe just Frito-Lay) and I HAD to choose one snack over all the others, it would probably be a fat bag of potato chips.

4) What is it about romantic suspense? How do you feel suspense elements enhance the romance and vice versa?

The reason I think suspense works so well with romance is that it automatically raises the stakes for all parties involved. We’re not just talking about hearts breaking, but lives ending. The choice to fall in love or the reasons not to are greatly intensified.

5) Authors also tend to be devoted readers. What authors do you read for inspiration and/or enjoyment?

Welll—my face is turning red because the truth is, I don’t read a lot anymore. I used to be a voracious reader but that was before I started writing full time. Back then, some of my faves included Diana Gabaldon, Anne Stuart, Mary Stewart, Anya Seton, Laura Kinsale, and Patricia Gaffney.

6) What is your biggest "collection" (besides books)?

Clothes. I love fashion and dressing up. All the women in my family do, and the trend has been passed on to the next generation. My nieces all like to dress, even when everyone else is in jeans.

7) You've signed up to be the Diner's pie inspector and tv/movie reviewer. What are some of your favorite paranormal themed tv series and movies? Do you see any common theme in your favorites beyond their genre?

I think I’ll leave all that to my posts. Don’t want to shoot myself in the foot before I even get started.

8) What paranormal book or movie would you like to be dropped into the middle of, to experience the world if not the entire plot?

The TV show Farscape. No contest. Not even a second of hesitation.

9) If you had to have a lifesize standee of a character in a paranormal tv series, movie or book in your bedroom at all times, who would it be and how would other residents of your household probably feel about it?

It would probably be a lifesize Aeryn and John, the couple from Farscape, and my husband and family would probably mine endless comedy material from it. Before I became ‘scaped, I was a big Highlander fan. Once for my birthday they made me a cardboard sword covered in tin foil…

10) What is some of the most unusual research you've done for your fiction?

The most unusual was talking to the Car Talk guys, Click and Clack the Tappit brothers. That was for my upcoming romantic suspense (October 2010). The most far flung was a weekend in DC where I scouted locations for my RITA-winning book, Blackout. (Sorry about the endless self promotion, but if you got it, flaunt it...)

11) If you were deprived of your computer for a year and had no looming deadline, would you write your next book in longhand anyway or keep notes and wait until you had a computer again to finish it?

Depends on whether or not I had a contract! I’m pretty lazy, so I could definitely see myself slacking off for a year if I could. But then the guilt would probably eat me alive, so I guess I’d have to resort to longhand. How’s that for fence sitting?

12) If you could have a little-known superpower, what one would you pick and why? What one would your friends and loved ones pick FOR you?

For myself, I think I’d be Metabolic Girl. I could eat anything I wanted (including that fat bag of potato chips) and my lightning fast metabolism would always keep me slender and trim. My family and friends would probably want to turn me into Best Case Scenario Woman because I’m a catastrophic thinker and I always go immediately to disaster. I could have a costume with a wide-mouth smile on the front and instead of teeth there’d be BCS. Oh, if only I could draw!

13) Anything else you'd like to share with visitors to the Diner?

Just that I’m looking forward to all my inspections and to letting you know what I’ve found. And to discussing it all with the patrons.


Jody W.
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  1. LOL! You and Farscape. I was a Highlander fan, too. I don't know how I missed being infected by the Farscape bug, but somehow I did.

    Looking forward to your pie inspections.

  2. Farscape, huh? I would have never guessed. :)

    I like the sound of Metabolic Girl. That would be a great superpower.

    Looking forward to your posts since you know I luvs the sci-fi, too.aa

  3. Yeah, the FS thing is probably going to drive folks cra-zee... But hey--can I help it if the truth is the truth? Can't beat a leather-clad couple.... sigh

  4. Hi Annie & Jody! As far as the no computer thing goes, let's hope that never happens. My hand starts to cramp if I have to write just one page of directions/instructions/ingredients for someone.

  5. Hey, Rae Ann! I'm with you--I do like the computer. But I have a fondness for paper and writing instruments too. Oh, and pretty ink, like lavender and emerald. So I could do long hand--as long as the materials were fun to use.

  6. Hi, Kelly! Thanks for stopping by.