Friday, October 30, 2009

Gretchen Stull, Waitress (Graveyard Shift)

A professional night owl, Gretchen just couldn’t resist the “Help Wanted – Graveyard Shift” sign hanging in the Otherworld Diner window. After chatting up the regulars (and a bit of begging), she was hired. Now she happily serves up delicious food with a side of witty repartee, keeping a mental record of all her encounters for use as future story fodder.

Usually off in a fantasy world of her own creation, Gretchen prefers tales of the paranormal, especially when those tales involve vampires and zombies. She’s not opposed to a healthy dose of romance or dark humor either. Her stories of paranormal romance follow a general recipe of one part alpha male, one part feisty heroine, and one part supernatural setting, blended together on high with a dollop of sarcasm and fresh suspense to taste. Best served hot!