Saturday, October 24, 2009

Annie Solomon, Pie Inspector

As a native New Yorker, Annie was raised with strong views, which is what makes her the perfect pie inspector. Whether sniffing out delicate spices or uncovering an overworked crust, she’s always got an opinion about the ingredients that go into the best pastries.

Although her field tends to be dead things—as in her romantic suspense novels ( she has long enjoyed the fare of other worlds, particularly when portrayed on screens large and small. And being the opinionated sort, she shows up at the diner from time to time (mostly last Fridays of the month) to taste and test and, of course, document the worth of these otherworldly creations.

Her website:
Her blog:


  1. Welcome to the diner Annie, looking forward to your posts! :)

  2. Thanks, Debora. I'm looking forward to it, too...


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