Sunday, September 13, 2009

Paranormal creatures

This week I want to talk about creatures used in paranormal fiction. We all know about the Hobbits and Gandalf the Grey, Hogwart's, Haggard and Harry Potter and the mystical creatures they deal with on a daily basis, and even Twilight, the vampires and werewolves inherent in any such storyline. There are so many other creatures to study and learn about to make our stories come alive for our readers with something new and different, or maybe even just a few different tweaks to a familiar creature we feel we know too well.

One of my favorite books is called The Element Encyclopedia of Magical Creatures, by John and Caitlin Matthews. Its subtitle is: the ultimate a-z of fantastic beings from myth and magic. What more could we ask when we're writing about myth and magic? You'll find a definition for a multitude of little-known magical creatures, mystical beings we've heard of in lore and fiction, but haven't really taken the time to research. This is your chance to find out the Black Shuck, otherwise known as Old Shuck or Shuck Dog, a one-eyed dog the size of a donkey to be found in England. Or perhaps the Irish Lair Bhean, a grey mare hobby horse who accompanies revelers on Samhain night (Halloween). Maybe even the Russian Sivushko, a magical horse that could leap over mountains. It's a great and wonderful tome of various creatures of lore and legend guaranteed to get your creative juices going.

We'll be talking about some of our mystical creatures this week, so be sure to stay tuned!