Monday, September 14, 2009

Another Kind of Creature

Like most writers, I have a favorite writing space. It used to be the end of the couch in the family room but when we reclaimed the sunroom (aka playroom) from the kids and turned it back into a real sunroom, I picked out the perfect writing chair for me to call my own. I love this room. It's (usually) a quiet place with plenty of light and gorgeous views of the woods.

Speaking of views, this is one from my writing chaise. And what do I find in my line of sight this morning...

Can't see it? Let's move a little closer...
(note where the red arrow is pointing)

Still can't see it? How about a close-up...
That's right. A gianormous spider has woven a web across my sunroom door. As I sit here writing away, I can feel his eight spidey eyes upon me and thoughts run through my it keeping something out or keeping me trapped inside?


  1. It's a test.
    Will you co-exist with this fellow-traveller on planet earth
    will you destroy it's food-gathering apparatus while it sleeps until nocturne.
    That is the question.
    I have been guilt-wracked over every smashed web I have ever caused
    "oh the poor thing will have to Start Over!".

    You can imagine how bad I feel about logging and any military activity whatsoever.

    Do Not Go On Deck In The Dark.

  2. 3 days and counting now. He's still there. My animal-loving daughter has named him Tuck (she's getting ready to read Tuck Everlasting in school). I think he's a new family member. Only the dogs can go in and out of that door now. He builds a new web in about the same place every night but so far they've all been high enough for the dogs to go under. Not humans. We have to go around.

  3. You have a beautiful writing space. I can see why you like it.

  4. Thanks Brenda. I live in the sunroom now.

    Oh, and Tuck has a girlfriend now. She's made her web between the house and the grill. My daughter has named her Primrose. Soon my house will looke like the one in Arachnophobia.

  5. I like curling up on the end of a sofa all tucked in.

    Now, I'm humming the theme from Spiderman.