Saturday, August 8, 2009

Book Videos

Hi all,

I've been considering whether I want to create (or have created for me) some videos for my books. Whether you call them trailers, videos, peeks or whatever they are good marketing tools for books. I don't know if they really generate sales or not, but they certainly can generate interest.

I happened to get in contact with the talented author, Fran Lee. She also regularly posts on too. She agreed (after I begged pathetically) to create a video for me using a free service called One True Media.

I decided I wanted a different piece of music than what was available from OTM so I went hunting for sites for royalty free music. Not FREE music. Nor pirated music (piracy is a diatribe for another occasion). No, this is royalty free. Which means you pay a set fee for blanket use of the piece of music. I found a really great site called I really loved the options to listen to the demo of the music and their search tools were the best that I found out there. They are NOT cheap though. A single track costs around 29.95 (depending on the track) and you can get multiple tracks for slight savings.

Despite my pickiness, Fran Lee created a super book video for me - here it is... Please let me know what you think by posting a comment.


  1. Well, I certainly love it! I had a great cover to work with, and you supplied some wonderful music!

    You are entirely welcome, Francesca.

  2. Wow, amazing, ladies. I love the music and the cover is hot as hell!!!

    Beautiful job!


  3. Hey, ladies! What a wonderful collaboration;-) I always thought the cover was hot and I love the video trailer. Yum!

    Great job!

  4. Cor! Love that guy's bod and the book sounds lovely and sexy. Great music, too. Good luck with it all...

  5. Great trailer! Fran did a wonderful job! And the music fit perfectly!! Nice choice. :)

  6. Thanks everyone and thanks Fran for all your hard work.


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