Saturday, June 13, 2009

Summer Reading and library use

As many of you know, when I'm not writing paranormal romance I'm a librarian. As of June 2, the summer reading program at the library is underway and I have to say...I'm exhausted. I can't even imagine what the youth services librarian feels like!

As soon as school let out, the library has been a zoo! I don't mean hunky shapeshifters running around with their perfect six-pack abs on display. No, if THAT was the case I wouldn't be commenting at all. I'd be keeping the loveliness all to myself and not sharing with anybody.

No, the library is a zoo because everyone seems to be at the library. For EVERYTHING! Our internet stations are almost always booked, the children's section is all higgledy-piggledy with books everywhere. I'm being asking tons of reference questions daily and our circulation numbers are probably through the roof - certainly our reference numbers are!

Yes, I'm whining. Actually, this increased use is a good thing. In fact, my library isn't the only one to experience this surge in use. How do I know? Matt Lauer and the Today Show did a BIG segment on this very issue. I was really surprised by the very positive tone of this report, so I thought I'd share it with all of you.

So even though I'm tired, I'm really glad the people in my town use the library. We're all really proud of the services we provide. Free internet. Free book, DVD, CD book check out and more. It amazes me when people don't realize how important their library is...until it cuts back services or is forced to close altogether.

So remember that when someone standing next to you is shouting "Down with taxes." They are also saying a lot of stuff they may not realize they're saying. Like: let's close libraries. Let's cut back our police and fire service. Let's have potholes. Let's close parks or pools. And this year in my town it also means, let's NOT have fireworks for the 4th of July.

I don't like taxes anymore than the next guy/gal, but I always remember that the reason I pay them is to provide those desperately needed services to the community. (Okay we don't need fireworks - but it's really lame not to have them so I think you get what I mean here.)

Okay, this post about summer reading started out as a whine and ended as a rant. Give me a break, it's Saturday. Pay your local library a visit and check out a book or a movie today. You'll be glad you did.

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  1. I love summer activities at the library. I'm one of those people using the internet stations, requesting material and borrowing from your DVD, CD, MP3 and book collections and generally making you work hard. I appreciate you and your effort. Thanks.