Saturday, June 27, 2009

A New Conference - Romanticon

I'm really looking forward to attending a brand new conference/convention this year called Romanticon. Romanticon is being hosted by Ellora's Cave and it's open to both writers and readers. It's reasonably priced and will take place October 9-11 2009.

Because EC is an electronic publisher, my interactions with my editor and the EC staff have been conducted completely electronically. It will be wonderful to meet some of the staff who works so hard to get great books out to readers.

I've attended RWA National in the past. It was an interesting experience and I plan to attend the conference in DC this year. My favorite part will undoubtedly be the Passionate Ink Chapter Party. However, I've grown a bit disenchanted with RWA National since they have withdrawn the welcome mat for my publisher, EC and other e-pubs. This year, I'm really excited that a new conference/convention is in the works. Next year, I'll probably attend RT (the Romantic Times Con) and Romanticon.

One of the things I'm most interested in is having the opportunity to meet readers. RT is a con that mixes readers and writers, but I haven't yet attended it (next year for sure). So this will be my first con as an author. Back in the late 1990s, I attended DragonCon in Atlanta, GA which was a total blast. I think this looks like it will be similarly fun. DragonCon has a real party atmosphere and I hope that's what Romanticon will be too.
The other thing I'm excited about is meeting my fellow Ellora's Cave/Cerridwen Press/The Lotus Circle authors. I've been reading EC books since about 2002 so I'm as much a fan as an author. I so want to meet some of the writers of my favorite EC books. I guess I'm just a fan grrl who writes. LOL

If you're attending Romanticon, please leave a comment so I know who to say "hi" to in October!


  1. Hi, Francesca,
    I'll be there. Looking forward to meeting everyone in person, too.
    Teri (Thackston)

  2. Though I'm not registered yet (eek!) I'm talking hubster into making Ohio a 25th wedding anniversay destination ... Ohio's nice, right? LOL! I am crossing my fingers that I'll be there to meet everyone from EC.

  3. Francesca, I'm going too, and looking forward to meeting everyone (and having a good time!)

  4. I'll be there! Looking forward to a fun weekend at RomantiCon and meeting you all.

    Best--Adele Dubois

  5. Hi Francesca,

    Dee Brice here. Glad you're coming to Romanticon. I think it's a great opportunity for all us e-babies to let our hair down with somebody who loves us--EC, et al!!

  6. I'll be there and I'm looking forward to see other authors and readers alike. And those who asked, Ohio is beautiful in October.

    Liz Andrews

  7. Hi, Francesca! I'm looking forward to RomantiCon and meeting lots of e-book fans and authors. I'll also be giving a workshop with Jade, which is a real honor. EC was my first source for e-books, so they and their authors've got a special place in my heart. The digital world's really important to me -- and publishing -- so I'm really following the current issues closely.

  8. Hello Francesca! I'm really excited about going to RomantiCon. This will be my first conference and I'm hoping that by then I will have sold my first story. Can't wait until October and looking forward to meeting you!
    Christa Tomlinson

  9. Wooo Hoooo! This is going to be a great Con.

    Samantha Kane and I will be hosting a dance contest during the Psychedelic Soiree (Friday, Oct. 9th). So be sure and have your groove-thangs ready to swang!

    We'll be giving away some great prizes and the Cavemen will be around to help out the contestants!

    Can't wait to see everyone!

    ~Mari Freeman

  10. HI! I was the winner of the Romanticon package on Brenda Novak's site. I've never been to a romanticon, but I have been to lots of sewing conferences. I can't wait to meet all of you, I bet it's gonna be fun (and hopefully much silliness will occur)!
    Rebecca P