Saturday, May 30, 2009

Seeking Truth released yesterday!

Greetings everyone,
I've had a busy week. My medieval paranormal erotic romance, Seeking Truth, was released yesterday (May 29) by Ellora's Cave.
Even though this is my second book, I'm still as excited as I was with the first. It still feels like a major accomplishment. When I started Seeking Truth, I hadn't yet sold Protect and Defend and I didn't know if I'd find a home for either one.
When I sold Protect and Defend, it gave me inspiration to finish Seeking Truth and send it to my editor to see if she'd like it. She was honest and told me she didn't accept a lot of historicals because she found the research lacking in many, whereupon I regaled her with tales of my research with this book. She laughed and told me to send it for a read. I waited on pins and needles until she was able to get to it and when she offered the contract I was thrilled.
I love my my first book, but I loved this one even more. As I wrote, my writing voice changed to fit the historical and I felt very at home in "historical mode." Of course, it didn't hurt that I loved my heroine, Vérité, and I lusted for my hero, Eaduin. Dang, he's hot - and not just on that cover designed by the fantabulous Syneca!
I loved that Eaduin was a man who was willing to die for his people or his family if he felt it would protect them. Even with all the responsibilities he has as Baron, I loved his sense of humor. His love for his family deeply appealed to me. In fact, I just loved him.
As I wrote him, he became very real to me. I hope he becomes real to you as you read the book and please stop by my web page and send me a comment to share what you think. About the book. About Eaduin and Vérité. Or just about life in general.


  1. Wow, cool. I'm happy for you and hoping to find some free time so I can enjoy Seeking Truth. Kudos!

  2. Can you explain to me what 'erotic' means in regards to your book? Such as, is it graphic?

  3. Brenda- let me know if you read ST. I hope you enjoy it.

    Amy - Yes, in the case of my book erotic means graphic language and sexuality between my hero and heroine. Thanks for stopping by to visit Amy.