Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Paperback Writer!

I am going to take a step out of the regular blogging routine today where we don't do BSP (blatant self promo). This week, my second novel with Samhain Publishing, SURVIVAL OF THE FAIREST, came out in trade paperback format. It's actually been selling from Amazon, B&N and several other online vendors for a couple weeks, but this week marked the official release date.

I got my author copies two weeks ago, and they're stacked in a place of honor high on the top shelf of the book cabinet my hubster made for me--out of reach of children and cats alike. (Actually they're out of my reach unless I stand on a stool.) They're right beside my few remaining copies of A SPELL FOR SUSANNAH, which is cool, and right now I have no copies of my Red Sage anthologies because I've given them all away.

Although I absolutely adore ebooks and am buying most of my own reading in electronic format now, nothing beats the feel of your own book in your hands, glossy and crisp, weighty and new, not a single typo to be found (because I refuse to LOOK for them).

I'll even be signing SURVIVAL OF THE FAIREST on June 27, at a wonderful indie bookstore, Sherlock's Books, located in Lebanon, TN. It's a local store--when you stay home with small children, cross-country booksigning tours aren't really in the picture (or the budget)--but the staff is amazing and the store itself is pretty much perfect. I'm not signing alone, but with a group of local romance authors from the middle Tennessee area. I can't even imagine the pain of doing a booksigning solo, although I know a lot of authors have lived to tell such a tale. Maybe one day I'll be popular enough to merit that test of faith.

Anyway, it's an exciting time in an author's journey, no matter her career level, when the author copies arrive, the booksigning looms, the reader mail pours in--okay, okay, no reader mail to speak of for an unknown author like myself, but my mom did email me to remind me she expected her free copy when she came to babysit last week. That counts, doesn't it??

If you'd like to try your chance at winning your own free copy of SURVIVAL OF THE FAIREST, I am holding a contest until the end of the month at my website here:

Happy reading, all!

Jody W.


  1. Kudos Jody!
    What great news for you.

  2. Cool Jody. With such a gorgeous cover, I'm sure you'll sell loads of books at the signing.

  3. Cool beans! I wish I could be there to get a signed copy, but alas...Have fun!

  4. Congrats on the release Jody. That's really cool.