Thursday, May 7, 2009

Moms and Mother’s Day: A Tribute

Moms. We all have/had one. We all know many and some of us are lucky enough to be just that — a mom. In tribute to moms, let’s share some fun facts about the holiday and the women it honors.
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Facts about Mother’s Day and Moms in the U.S.:
1. Mother’s Day was the brainchild of Anna Jarvis. After her mother died in 1905, Anna began a campaign to establish a national holiday that celebrated mothers.

Photo of Anna Jarvis
2. In 1907, she celebrated the first Mother’s Day at St. Andrew’s Methodist Episcopal Church in Grafton, West Virginia, by passing out 500 white carnations to the mothers in the congregation.
3. In 1914, President Woodrow Wilson signed a joint resolution from Congress that honored women’s role in the family. The joint resolution called the holiday Mother’s Day.
4. There’s no shortage of mothers in the United States. As of 2004, the estimated number was 82.8 million. Wow, I can’t even imagine a figure that big, but I guess I’m one of those mothers.
5. Did you know that 55% of American women between the ages of 15 and 44 years old are moms.
6. The average number of children mothers are having these days is 2.1 (based on the 2006 report).
7. In 2005 the average age for an American mother giving birth for the first time was 25 years old.
8. August is the month most women give birth.
9. Tuesday is the day most babies are born.
10. There were 5.6 million U.S. stay-at-home moms in 2006.
11. Mothers are very important in children’s lives and in most cases still spend the bulk of their time with their young children. Between 54% and 79% of children age 6 or under eat breakfast and dinner with their mother.
12. Eighty percent of first time mothers held jobs while pregnant.
13. This year Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 10, so if you haven’t gotten that special person in your life a thank-you gift, you still have time. Popular Mother’s Day gifts include jewelry, Mother’s Day cards, cosmetics and floral arrangements.
Do you celebrate Mother’s Day? What are your thoughts about Moms or Mother’s Day? Do the facts I’ve listed seem true in your life? Please share what you think.



  1. wow! my youngest son was born in Aug of 2005 and yes, it was tuesday. :)
    I can't wait for my mom to received the flowers I order online for her.

  2. mothers day is always a Happy yet guilt ridden day for not living up to all the cards But I still love it

  3. Willa,
    So you found some of these facts were true for you. Cool. Happy TT!

  4. Marcia,
    I don't think many of us can match the moms in the cards we receive, but still I think we're pretty good. Happy Mother's Day.

  5. Very fun facts - never knew most of those! Happy Thursday!

  6. We have 6 birthdays in August in our family, so I guess those figures must be right!

  7. You mean it isn't a Hallmark invention, the way my mother told me? She never lets me do anything for her on Mother's Day.

  8. Tracey,
    Thanks for stopping by.

  9. Kristen,
    I have an August birthday too.

  10. Alice,
    Yeah, I thought Hallmark invented the holiday too. Happy Mother's Day!

  11. Yep, I have an August baby. Both my kids are Monday children, though -- I blame that on my gym routine, where I take weekends off. That rest was enough to convince the kids to come out.

    I like the carnation idea. I was actually given one last year; I didn't realize the significance of it. But I sure liked it!

  12. Some interesting facts, though our family has more birthdays in March and September.

  13. I didn't know most of those!
    Great post, as usual.

  14. awww! Great TT topic and list! Happy TT!!

  15. Great list of facts, I love the historical ones especially.
    I don't fit most of the statistics, June is the month more people in my extended family were born in than any other (November, my own birth month is a close second) I was 21 when I had my first, I was a sahm for the first 4 years of my first 2 children's lives & for the first 2 years of my third one's life.
    I was born on a Tuesday though.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier.

  16. Done and done! Sent my mom her card and it was received early... and I'm (of course,) calling on Sunday... and a treat is being sent to her via one of my sibs for the day! Now, it's time to worry about what to do for the mom under my own roof! :)

  17. I didn't know about the August thing. My family has tons of April Birthdays. And I always wondered how you have 2.1 kids. Were does the .1 go - lol.

    Happy TT & Mother's Day.

  18. Susan,
    My son was born on a Tuesday after I'd been exercising. Hmm. I wonder what the birth-after-exerising stats are. Thanks for giving me something to ponder.

  19. Heather,
    I'd like to find out the ranking of months--which have the most births down to which have the least. I'll have to research that when I get a chance. Thanks for stopping by.

  20. Ella,
    Yeah, I like learning new facts too.

  21. Kristi,
    Thanks. I appreciate your kind words.

  22. becky68,
    Thanks for adding statistics for us. My son was born on a Tuesday too.

  23. DoubleDeckerBusGuy,
    Good going! You're ahead of me. I still have to get my cards in the mail. Luckily they don't have to go far.

  24. Sue,
    The .1 child is a mystery to me, but probably works just fine if you're into the study of statistics.

  25. Have a happy Mother's Day! I'm actually going to be visiting my Mum the day before. :)

  26. Celticlibrarian,
    I hope your and your mom have a good time together. Thanks for stopping by.

  27. My mom already sent ME a present for Mother's Day. She's a precious one!

    Thanks for all the fun Mother's Day tidbits.

  28. sherilee,
    That's great! Happy Mother's Day.

  29. I used to celebrate Mother's Day, but Mom's been gone 4 years now...and I'm not a Mom and most of my friends that are Moms live far you have a happy mother's day!

  30. I don't know exactly when Mother Day idea arrived in Europe but we celebrate it too on saturday 10th

  31. Great information! I never knew all these! I think it's interesting about kids being born on August... Nine months after the start of winter. =)

  32. Janet,
    Sorry to bring you down and I’m sorry you lost your mom. No blog works for everyone, but Journeywoman has a cool one on women who have a lot of other things besides Mother’s Day to celebrate in their lives. You might enjoy checking it out.

  33. Gattina,
    I love to hear from you because I get the scoop on what's happening in Europe. Thanks.

  34. Betty,
    Yeah, that whole seasonal mating/birthing thing is interesting. Thanks for stopping by.

  35. Certainly a timely list for this week's T-13! Here's wishing all mom's everywhere a Happy Mother's Day this weekend!
    Hugs and blessings,

  36. Happily Retired Gal,
    I hope you have a Happy Mother's Day too.

  37. I honor several women in my life on Mother's Day - my remaining grandmother, my mom, my mother-in-law, my aunt and my step mom. They're all pretty super to me!

  38. Julia,
    That's great! Have a good Mother's Day!