Saturday, May 2, 2009

Less Nickelback, More Kenny G.

I found a great web site and saw the above comic (click on the comic to visit the Will Write for Chocolate web site). I can totally relate to this post because I've been listening to a LOT of Nickelback lately. I wonder if that's why I've been having trouble writing my love scenes? Trouble is I totally love Nickelback - so I'll just have to figure out how to make the band work with my novels.

I've posted about music before - talking about how I had a playlist for a work in progress. Lately, I've been bouncing from project to project as I try to find inspiration. Revisiting Nickelback has me revisiting the shapeshifter story with the rock musician as the hero. Yeah, Joe keeps calling me. I had set him aside because my editor wasn't really into a geriatric rock band (my heroine's parents are the founders of the rock band my hero joins).

I kind of like the idea of a geriatric rock band. I don't know if it's because I'm forty-something myself or because most of the rock bands I grew up listening to are getting older. Joe Perry still looks good...doesn't he? Am I the only person out here that thinks he's hot? And he's almost 60. I mean really.
Mick Jagger still struts the stage like a rooster on drugs. Granted he looks a bit like a desiccated mummy, but he rocks a stadium. Even Brett Michaels manages to get siliconed twenty-something chicks to fight over him.

Younger rockers are hot too and they definitely provide tons of inspiration for my writing. Rockers like the members of Nickelback. Chad Kroeger has a killer voice and stunning eyes.
Even though I should probably listen to less Nickelback and more Kenny G, I don't think I will. There's just something appealing about those bad boy rockers - even if the music makes your writing veer off the planned path. Sometimes altering the plan makes for an even more interesting story.
So what do you think? Do rock musicians inspire you? Do they have to be young or can older rockers still make you scream? Should I listen to less Nickelback and more Kenny G or stick to my current playlist?


  1. I listen to Nickelback too and yeah, there have been some recent deaths in the chapter I'm writing. Hmm. I hadn't considered a connection. Food for thought.

  2. Brenda,
    I agree this is food for though. However, some of Nickelback's music is just plain beautiful. I love "If Everyone Cared" and the first time I saw the video I cried. Of course then I listen to "Animals" and "Next Contestant" and the wild mood is back. I love the mix of emotions on their albums. Every one is a roller coaster ride.


  3. Definite Nickelback fan here, but my first love is Aerosmith! Joe is still a rocking hot guitar god and Steven... Well, when Steven sings, hot sex is written!!

    I'd love to see a story about a rock band even a geriatric one! I have several of my own ideas that way!

    Write it Francesca, I'll be buying!!

  4. I love Nickelback, and I agree, some of their songs are beautiful. But during a love scene...maybe not so much. :) I usually have the Pulse on XM on my laptop as I write. I get a great variety there.
    And I'd totally love a story about aging rockers.

  5. Serena and Natasha, thanks for stopping by to post. I'll grant you, Nickelback doesn't really do "power ballads" like the 70s and 80s rock bands, but Savin' Me would work as the background to a love scene.

    Glad to hear you like the idea of stories featuring aging rockers. I'll have to move forward with it to see if I can rock it as well as my inspirational bad boys of rock and roll.


  6. Francesca, geriatic rockers? Wine-aged rockers or something like that, or I guess drug-aged, whatever, the baby boomer generation just isn't geriatic, nor will it ever be, despite aging.
    At least, that's my take on it.

    Hmmmm... I really think it all depends on the type of love/sex scene you're writing. I like Jimi Hendrix often or Heart or Women Crooners singing the songs of the Swing era... or hot blues... it all just depends...

    And Chad does have the most incredible eyes! Thanks for his pic.

  7. Savanna,
    Geriatric wasn't my word - damn my editor is gonna kill me. LOL

    I agree that the boomer generation has changed the concept of "senior citizen" in a way no other has ever done. Makes me think about the Dennis Hopper Ameriprise commercials. No bingo nights, no shuffleboard. That's the boomer generation.

    Sex, drugs & rock and roll made people take a second look at growing old and I think all the boomers have decided not to...grow old, I mean. They may get older, but they feel like they're just getting better. I like that about them.

  8. My favorite "geriatric" rocker is Jon Bon Jovi. He looks even better now, in fact! Yum. I do like Nickelback, too. Right now I'm exploring a whole indie playlist my daughter made me, if I find something inspriring I'll let you know.

  9. Kelly,
    Jon Bon Jovi is a TOTAL hottie. Love him!


  10. I don't listen to music when I write or get story inspirations from it, but I do like Jon Bon Jovi :)

  11. Thanks for commenting Jody. Music definitely doesn't work for everyone, but I took think Jon Bon Jovi possesses mega amounts of hotness.

  12. Nickelback fans who write love scenes may now rejoice. I finally bought Dark Horse. There are two great love songs on this one - Gotta be Somebody and Never Gonna Be Alone. They are amazing. I'd Come for You is excellent too. Good song if you're writing a scene related to making up after a fight. :-)

  13. I do not like Nickelback at all - and even I would listen to them instead of Kenny G.