Sunday, May 17, 2009

Dorchester is moving to e-subs

That was the good news this week. Dorchester has long been a publisher who only accepted hard copy submissions, and this week, Leah Hultenschmidt posted the news on Romantic Reads ( that they will be accepting submissions via email. They do not want people who currently have a hard copy submission to re-sub this way - although Leah says you can email the same address for info on your submissions. She has posted the protocol for submissions (copied verbatim below), so please use this information wisely and follow the guidelines.

"Authors should attach their full manuscript in a Word or .rtf document, along with a 3- to 7-page synopsis. Dorchester is currently acquiring fiction in Romance, Horror, Western and Thriller genres. For full descriptions, see the Submission Guidelines.

The body of the email should contain the material of a normal cover letter:

* contact information, including physical address and phone number (so we don’t call a Californian at 9 a.m. EST);
* word count (70,000-90,000 words);
* the genre of the novel;
* and a brief, tantalizing description of the plot.

Authors who currently have submitted via regular mail should not resend their material. Submissions should be sent to submissions(at)"

So get your stuff ready to submit! Don D'Auria will be attending an LA convention in June - the Bram Stoker Awards Weekend, doing pitch sessions for yours truly, along with Medallion owner/editor Helen Rosburg, Agents Peter Miller and Robert Fleck, and two movie producers, so it will be a great weekend.

We'll be posting other paranormal news and tidbits this week, so if you have a question, please let us know!
Thanks, and happy writing!


  1. Jeannie,
    Thanks for the excellent information! Much appreciated.

  2. Great news. Nice to see publishers going green. Unfortunately their word count is way too low for my latest ms. Don't think I could cut 30,000 words out of it unless I killed off the heroine in chapter 4. But then it wouldn't make for a very good romance, now would it?

  3. Interesting. Thanks for letting us know.