Monday, April 27, 2009

Weeding With Friends

Where I live, we’ve jumped straight from winter into summer – we’ve hit the 90s for the past 4 days straight. I think there were a bunch of rainy days in between that might have been spring. Either that, or it came and went while I was out west skiing. Now, thanks to all that rain, my flower beds are sprouting like crazy – and not with just flowers. So to beat the heat, I’ve been spending the mornings while it’s still somewhat cool weeding. Once it gets too hot for me, I crawl inside, shower and then start another kind of weeding.

As some of you many know from my last post, I’ve received a request for my latest manuscript. Woo hoo! However, it came with a big BUT – I need to cut 15-20K words before the editor even wants to see it. I nearly cried. I’d already cut 10K before I even pitched it. I don’t know where else to cut. (Can you tell I’m one of those writers who has trouble killing her darlings?) But sometimes you're just too close to the flowers to see the weeds and I know if I want to have a hope of selling this book, I’m going to have to do some serious pruning to get this manuscript closer to 100K or it’s going to be an auto-reject before they read word one. So what’s a girl to do? Call on her writer friends. And I have two great ones who are going above and beyond the call of duty. They are giving my manuscript a cold read and telling me what phrases, sentences, paragraphs and *gasp* even scenes can go. And I promise not to argue, whine, or cry over what needs to go in the compost heap. Hopefully between the 3 of us, we can weed the dandelions from the roses and I’ll end up with a beautifully manicured garden – er, um, manuscript.


  1. Wow, kudos on your request and good luck with the weeding.

  2. Lori,
    Good luck with the weeding. It's a challenge but I hope it provides you a garden full of books in bloom.


  3. Congrats ... and good luck with the weeding. Love the picture ;--)
    Hugs and blessings,