Saturday, April 11, 2009

I met my deadlines

Whew... Last week, my Ellora's Cave editor sent me edits for my second book, a medieval paranormal erotic romance called Seeking Truth. The good news...not many huge changes to make. The bad news? Because the story was pretty clean, when she sent me the first version she gave me two days to finish edits. Aaaaaargh.

Fortunately, I was not freaked by this because the same thing happened with my first book. Evidently, I edit the crap outta these suckers. I'm soooooo glad I do. I made the requested edits and sent it back...BEFORE my deadline. I was very proud of myself. She sent me version three - more edits. Some logic issues cropped up and because I was skating close to my word limit I had to keep track of every word I added. This time she gave me four days. I brought it home in three. Yaaaaaaay, me.

Finally we had some final things to look at. A couple of words I used in the text were not used with the meaning I used them until the 1800s. This book is set in the 1100s. So, I sat at the typewriter to write a brief...VERY brief author's note. Then I put in brief dedications. Edited my blurb three or four times, picked out the excerpt for the book and deep breath - I was done.

Until I reread the blurb later and realised I'd used the word "pleasure" three times in two paragraphs. Gaaaaagh. I fixed it and sent a frantic email to my editor with the corrected blurb. All is well.

The book is off to the copy editor and now I wait for the cover art and a release date. The cover art form required several edits too because, typical me, I included waaaaay too much stuff. I'm really anticipating this cover. My first cover rocked - the artist, Dar Albert, created exactly what I wanted. I don't know who the artist is this time, but I'm always impressed with the gorgeous covers on EC books. I have no idea when the book will be released either - but it should come out yet this year.

Time to get in gear for book three. This one will be a shapeshifter book. At least I think that's book three because I'm working on three right now. A shapeshifter book, a followup to my medieval, and a Regency historical. Life is pretty darn good. Or as SNL alum, Garrett Morris might say if he were in my shoes, "Erotic romance has been berry berry good to me."

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