Friday, February 27, 2009

Small Town Inspiration

I grew up in a rural area near Dayton, Tennessee. One day, years ago, I stood in an acquaintance’s yard on top of a mountain. The house was nice, but it was the only one I could see. All around the place were woods. It was beautiful in the light of day, but all I could think was I’d be scared to death at night. Totally isolated, with who knows what coming out of the woods, one curvy road leading out of there. The thought creeped me out then, and still sends chills down my spine.

Years later a character named Kia Wolfe decided to move into an old house on top of a mountain. Totally isolated with one curvy road leading down the mountain to the tiny town of Mountain Shadows. You couldn’t pay me enough, but my character was determined. And Shadows of Evil was born.

The inspiration for the fictional town of Mountain Shadows was Dayton. I took the accompanying picture the last time I visited and I wanted to share it with you. Like many other small towns, downtown Dayton has become almost a ghost town, as strip malls and chain stores overtake the area. And that’s a shame. Towns like Dayton have charm and personality.

Not to mention, they make great settings for spooky novels.

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  1. It's cool to find out where a story idea, a setting or a whole novel comes from. Thanks for sharing.