Monday, February 23, 2009

Name That Picture

Can you guess what this is?

A. A meteor from outer space
B. A walnut on steroids
C. A gryphon’s egg
D. A pod person about to hatch
E. A rock

Well, if you guessed ‘C’ you’d be correct—at least for the purpose of my story. (OK, so technically you’d also be right if you guessed ‘E’, but who cares?)

This is a closed agate geode. My latest WIP is called TREASURE OF THE GRYPHON. And what’s a gryphon’s greatest treasure, you might ask? It’s not the nest she builds out of gold, although humans prize it highly and will do anything to get it. No, a gryphon’s greatest treasure is the egg she lays in it. A mated gryphon pair will only lay one egg in their lifetime, that’s why the creatures are so rare. And it’s not like any other egg. It’s made of agate. In the book I’m working on, my knight hero and time traveling heroine need the wise gryphon’s help to rescue a missing boy who may or may not be the hero’s son. But she’ll aid them only on one condition – they must find the egg that has been stolen from her and return it to her, unharmed.

After some trial and tribulations they find the egg all right. Unfortunately it hatches before they can return it to its parents and then they are stuck with the care and feeding of a baby gryphon. Dr. Spock didn’t write a handbook on that one, let me tell ya. *G*


  1. oh Lori! That's my kind of story. Funny since my dragon story (current WIP) has some similarities. Of course dragons are know for their jewel "horde" but in my book there's a readon for that. And I too, have a youngling hatching a tad prematurely.

    One of the great things about writing, IMO is that there really are no new stories, only new ways of telling them. So even though we share certain elements our stories will be entirely different.

    And that is total kewlness.


  2. Oh, this sounds like a great story.

  3. Sounds like a wonderful story! Maybe my dragon and your gryphon can have a play date. (Artistic license, you know.)