Saturday, February 21, 2009

Medieval Heat - and news...

In spite of the mini-ice age they suffered during the Middle Ages, the times were smokin' hot.

What could be cooler than a knight fighting for your honor?

How about a group of them!

Castles are pretty cool too! The immense stone edifices designed for protection as well as living.

Castles do fascinating things with light. It would be inspirational for any artist.

Then there are the knights and Lords which we feature as the hero of our novels. Nothing is hotter than a man in chain maille - in my personal opinion. If he knows how to handle a sword, so much the better. Of course, I have to admit I'm biased.

So why am I feeling all Medieval today? Why are knights and Lords putting a smile on my face? Well, because on Friday I received some exceptional news!

My editor at Ellora's Cave emailed me with a contract offer for my medieval, paranormal erotic romance, Seeking Truth.

So for right now, Knights are the top of the mark for me. I'm thrilled and excited. When I have details, a cover and a release date - I'll let you know!


  1. Oh Francesca,
    That's great news! I'm happy for you.

  2. Thanks ladies. I was sooooooo happy when my editor emailed me with the offer on Friday. I still haven't really come down from the excitement!

  3. That is so exciting, Francesca! Congrats.

    Jody W.

  4. Thanks Jody. I'm excited to have another book published by EC. It provides even more inspiration for sitting down and writing even more!