Sunday, February 15, 2009

Guest Blogger: Mind Candy

Bonjour, mes amis. I'm Jacques Bond, the dungeon gourmet. The lovely ladies at the Otherworld Diner invited me to cook up a writing special for you this week. So, I share with you my favorite treats to tempt the creative mind.

1) Poetry

You can read it or play with your own words on paper. Let the words woo each other. When you need to fall in love with writing again, poetry can rekindle your romance with words.

2) Mood Drawings

Don't draw things - no recognizable objects or symbols allowed. Draw moods. Let emotion drive the lines, cast shadows, bloom in colors. Play with pencils or crayons or a child's paintbox. This opens the side of your mind where the metaphors hide.

3) Music

I listen to instrumentals with nature sounds in the background. An acoustic guitar with an ocean as backdrop carries me into the creative flow. A flute amidst night sounds in a forest turns the mind toward thinking in pictures.

4) Challenge

Nothing sparks my creative soul like seeing how far I can push a boundary without crossing the line. Trying to make a traditional storyline fit a new mold can get ideas sizzling. Sometimes a submission call can be a challenge. Deciding how you could write your story around a theme of ice cream or coffee sets up free association and parallel thinking. A strict form like 3-6-9 flash fiction will do the same while forcing you to pare your project down to its finest words.

5) Play

Above all, minds need to play. Play with words and ideas. Play with plot devices. Play with new ways to deliver a story. Choose a play project that is just for your pleasure. Write a twitter novel. Let one of your characters blog about your favorite hobby.

I share my creative playground with a ghost that tells her story through a chat-bot and a rabbit that communicates through ascii art. They remind me to have fun with words.

Indulge your creativity and it will love you back, mes amis. Play with your mind. Feed it all the candy it wants.



Bond is a character in Nara Malone's story, The Dungeon Gourmet. He doen't believe in confining characters or stories to the pages of a book.

Nara taught online courses in creativity for many years. She writes paranormal and erotic romance. Her first novel, The Tiger's Tale, won Passionate Ink's 2008 Stroke of Midnight Award for best paranormal romance. Her second novel, Mind Games, finaled in the East Texas RWA Southern Heat Contest.

You can find Nara blogging about immersive fiction at her author website: Bond blogs at her experimental fiction site:


  1. I love Jacques. I also love the concept of the dungeon gourmet! Thanks for visiting us Nara!

  2. Thanks for visiting Jacques. Mood drawings sound fun.

  3. @the lovely Francesca: Taking your hand, kissing your fingers. I love the concept a diner filled with lovely ladies that welcome the unreal among them. Thank you for having me.

    @sweet Brenda: Mood drawing is fun. Drop by the Nook sometime cherie and I will show you how I draw moods.


  4. Welcome to the diner, Jacques. Those are some great ideas for inspiration you cooked up for us.