Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Dragon Digs

THESE are the digs of my latest hero, dragon shape-shifter, Gradon Black.
Now in the real world, it's located in Toronto, Canada and is called Casa Loma. But in my imagination, this castle sits nestled in the woods of bucolic NJ (and yes there bucolic parts of New Jersey) on the shores of (mythical) Lake Mystic.

It really is great when you find that perfect setting for you story. And I'm doubly lucky because I visited Casa Loma about seven years ago and have first-hand knowledge of the scale of the place. There are 90+ rooms in Casa Loma. I don't need quite that many. Oh and BTW, that picture is of the BACK of the castle. Yup, the back.
I started out with just your average run-of-the-mill mansion for my story, but decided that a dragon would prefer something made of stone and well...a castle harkens back to all that medieval stuff where mortals killed (or claimed to kill) dragons left and right.
The irony isn't lost on old Gradon.
Other kewl things about Casa Loma that I am borrowing: the great hall. I mean a REAL great hall with 60 foot ceilings and oak rafters and flags hanging from those rafters. Two turrets one in the Scottish design and one in the Norman (just like CL.) I'm also using the conservatory and the gardens. The gardens are needed in my story because my next tale features Tessia, the gardener, as the heroine.

Here's to old vacations!



  1. Talia,
    Nice castle! I like the setting. So does it get dark and foggy - appropriately atmospheric for your dragon man? He sounds very hot!


  2. Oh it takes place in July and there is perpetual "myst" on the lake...so yuh. It's appropriate. My dragon also has a rather ornery attitude.



  3. Two of my favorite things. Dragons with attitudes and big ol castles! Combined with the Myst...you have the making for one wonderful story!

  4. Thanks Val! I'm hoping other readers share your likes!



  5. What an amazing castle. And I'm a sucker for dragon shapeshifters. Got one of my own. *G*