Thursday, February 26, 2009

Can You Guess the President?

Last week we celebrated Presidents’ Day and had a fun time working through a Presidential Quiz. But we’re not done! I’ve created another brain-teaser. To make it easy, I’ve given you three possible answers to each question. In all cases, only one is correct.

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Got your thinking cap on? Here we go. …

1. The only president NOT to live in Washington, D. C., during his time in office was? James Madison, George Washington, William Henry Harrison.

2. This president was born on the Fourth of July and was sworn in by his father. Calvin Coolidge, George W. Bush, Ronald Reagan.

3. This president was the first to visit China while in office. George Washington, Richard Nixon, William Howard Taft.

4. His Inauguration was the first known to have been photographed. James Madison, James Buchanan, Woodrow Wilson.

5. This president was the first to greet people by shaking hands. Before his term, people bowed to the president. Andrew Jackson, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison.

6. This president is famous for his “Fireside Chats.” Another hint: When he married his cousin, she was given away at the wedding ceremony by Teddy Roosevelt. Warren Harding, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Lyndon Johnson.

7. This president had only one tooth. It’s rumored he wore wooden teeth. Zachary Taylor, John Quincy Adams, George Washington.

8. He ran with the slogan, “A Chicken in Every Pot and A Car in Every Garage” and when elected he approved "The Star-Spangled Banner" as the National Anthem. Herbert Hoover, Harry S. Truman, Chester A. Arthur.

9. He was the largest man to be president. He was 6 foot 2 inches – not that unusual – but he weighed a hefty 350 pounds. William H. Taft, Warren G. Harding, Franklin Pierce.

10.This president’s hobby is jogging. His nickname is Bubba. Hint: His wife currently holds a political office. Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush.

11. Before he became a Senator, Governor and then President, he was a peanut farmer. He’s active in Habitat for Humanity and is an author and speaker. Zachary Taylor, Chester A. Arthur, Jimmy Carter.

12.This president was considered to be the most athletic President in office. He was born Leslie Lynch King Jr. and went on to star on the University of Michigan football team. He’s also the longest-lived president; he died at 93. Ronald Reagan, Gerald Ford, Richard Nixon.

13.This president is the first African-American President -- America’s 44th president. Barack Obama, Jesse Jackson, Martin Luther King.

Please make your guesses in the comments. I’ll tell you if you’re right and then at the end of the day, I’ll give you all the answers. Thanks for playing.



  1. 13...Obama
    8....Hoover? [I thought FDR, LOL]
    2....Well, it can't be Reagan...Coolidge?

  2. I apologize, but I refuse to engage my brain before 10 a.m. :) It's just too hard.

  3. 1.Washington. DC wasn’t built yet and I believe that he was sworn in in NYC.

    2.I know Reagan was born in February. So, I’ll guess Calvin Coolidge.

    3.Nixon. Did a paper on it in High School

    4.Guessing here: Buchanan?

    5.Sounds like something Jackson would do…you know tough frontier type and all.


    7.Washington Dental Hygiene wasn’t was it is today.

    8.Herbert Hoover

    9.William Taft


    11.Jimmy Carter

    12.Ron Reagan


  4. The last one was like asking Who's in Grant's tomb.

    Besides #13 I got. 1. GW, 3. Nix, 6. FDR, 7. GW, 10. BC, 12 GF. The rest I'd be guessing.

  5. Hootin' Anni,
    Really good guesses. You got 9 correct, but because it's so early I'm not going to tell you which nine are right (until the end of the day.) Thanks for playing.

  6. Carmen,
    You know I enjoy your visits even if you don't want to play. Thanks for coming over.

  7. Talia,
    Super job! You know your presidents. You've got 11 right and I'll tell you which 11 a little later.

  8. Gads! I missed one? Hope it was a guesser.



  9. Hey, no fair! I was terrible at history, and I can't even remember all Malaysia's Prime Ministers, much less America's Presidents! LOL!

  10. Oh, man. I wish you'd told us to post the answers. I did it all mentally and now there's a great song on the radio and I'm singing along and that's all she wrote. Music trumps all.

  11. Colleen,
    Every question you answered is right. Good going!

  12. Betty and Susan,
    You guys rock anyway! Thanks for visiting.

  13. I can't see the questions from the comment page and my brain isn't in any shape to remember the answers I guessed while reading the list...I like to think, just not too much!

  14. Um... I am not even going to try guessing...LOL
    Good and informative choice of list!

  15. Well... there are some obvious ones there (like... say... #13?) and some, as a historian, I know... but I must again take a pass on it as a lowly Canadian... and as such and reading through the quiz, I've realised what a boring lot most of our prime ministers are! :)

  16. Kristen and Karen,
    I'll post the answers tonight for you. I just appreciate you visiting.

  17. DoubleDeckerBusGuy,
    I confess I don't know anything about Canadian prime ministers so I can understand your difficulty with American presidents. Next week I'll take a break from quizes. Happy TT anyway.

  18. oh man. Hurt my brain after a long night of work why don't ya. Ouch

  19. Sorry Mielikki,
    But hey, thanks for stopping by.

  20. Well, I'm not sure I would get any of these right ... but then I have a good excuse since I'm Canadian.
    Fun list.

  21. Yeah Barbara,
    We'll let you off. Thanks for visiting.

  22. I'm guessing on some of these. I love trivia. What a great list :-)


  23. I have absolutely no idea. I was hoping for a ghostie president question... something paranormal. I bet you could do a TT on whitehouse ghost stories ;-)
    Happy TT!
    My TT's (b0oth different)are up at both The Eclectic Witch and Thorne's World

  24. Stargirl,
    Good work. You've got 9 right!

  25. thorne,
    I'll work on the paranormal. I wonder if there are any haunted presidents.

  26. Well what do you know, I can only answer one question...#13...Obama.
    But I know I'm excused being an Aussie and all. :)

  27. Eaton,
    You got one that's great. Beats what I know of Australia. :)

  28. I'd only be guessing, and not well at that.

  29. Can't think that hard this late in the day!

    Thanks for visiting myT13!

  30. That's okay, Alice and tommie.
    Thanks for dropping in.

  31. Okay, you waited and here are the answers:
    1.George Washington was the only president not to live in Washington D.C. during his time in office. He spent a good deal of time at his longtime estate at Mount Vernon, Virginia, 15 miles south of the nation’s capital.

    2.Calvin Coolidge was sworn in by his father and born on the Fourth of July.

    3.Richard Nixon visited China in February 1972.

    4.James Buchanan had the first inauguration that we know was photographed.

    5.Thomas Jefferson shook guests’ hands and stopped the bowing that had been the presidential tradition.

    6.Franklin D. Roosevelt married Eleanor Roosevelt, who was given away by Teddy Roosevelt, her uncle.

    7.George Washington wore dentures although we aren’t sure if they were wooden.

    8.The “chicken-in-every-pot” president who approved The Star-Spangled Banner" as our National Anthem was Herbert Hoover.

    9.This almost larger-than-life president was William Taft.

    10.Did you guess Bill Clinton? If you did, you’re right.

    11.Jimmy Carter is the peanut farmer who became President, among other careers.

    12.Gerald Ford lived to the ripe old age of 93.

    13.I hope you chose Barack Obama.

    Thanks for playing!

  32. My brain is too tired today, but I am sure on 6 of the answers. Great TT!

  33. These are some great questions. Happy TT!

  34. "A Chicken in Every Pot and A Car in Every Garage" ! That's a very good slogan !

  35. I got 2 wrong. I read recently that the wooden teeth thing was a myth, and that they were more likely to be whalebone.

  36. Sorry I'm late stopping by this week. I got 12 right (missed Buchanan and photography, though I really should have guess that, now that I think about it--he was president right before Lincoln, and I know photography was still new-ish during the Civil War). Though I admit to guessing on Jefferson--it just seemed like something he'd do.

    Great quiz! I enjoyed it.

  37. On the Verge,
    Thanks for stopping by.

  38. Gattina,
    Yeah, I like the idea of a chicken in every pot too.

  39. Nicholas,
    You're most likely right. I heard about Washington's teeth being made of gold, ivory, human and animal teeth, but most people relate with the wooden notion so, well, I went with that. Thanks though for your insightful comments.

  40. Darla,
    Wow, you got that many right? Cool. Thanks for visiting.

  41. Hi Brenda,
    1. George Washington
    2. George W. Bush
    3. Richard Nixon
    4. Woodrow Wilson
    5. James Madison
    6. Franklin D Roosevelt
    7. Zachary Taylor
    8. Harry S Truman
    9, ??
    10. Bill Clinton
    11. Jimmy Carter
    12. Gerald Ford
    13. Barack Obama