Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Scoop on Pie

Are you like most Americans -- a pie-eater? I’m a charter member. My favorite is a chicken pot pie. I plan to make one in celebration of National Pie Day (Jan. 23). But before that, I want to share some interesting tidbits I learned about pies, thanks to the fountain of information available on the Internet.

Here are my 13 offerings:

1. The Free Online Dictionary defines a pie as “baked food composed of a pastry shell filled with fruit, meat, cheese or other ingredients -- and usually covered with a pastry crust.” All right, we’re on our way. …
2. Pies go by many names. “Pie,” of course, is most familiar. Other names include pastry, tart, patty, pastie, turnover, cobbler, crumble, streusel and piraski.
3. Pies once were eaten for breakfast. (Some of us do sneak one in first thing in the morning, but, of course, dinner is the conventional time.)
4. Where were the first pies made? In Rome and Greece.
5. And how did pie making and eating spread? It followed the rapid expansion of the Roman Empire.
6. In the middle ages you could take a bird such as a chicken or goose to a bake shop and have the meat baked into a pie. This puts a whole new spin on the “Sing a Song of Sixpence” nursery rhyme in which a pie with four and twenty blackbirds was set before the king and the birds began to sing.
Blackbird pie from:

7. Crisco’s fun facts on pies state that “the average American eats six slices of pie per year.” Did you meet your quota in 2008?
8-12. According to a survey of 800 people conducted by Kelton Research in January 2004 for Crisco and the American Pie Council, the most popular pie was … apple
Second was pumpkin or sweet potato
Third was chocolate
Fourth was lemon meringue
Fifth was cherry.
13. Another fact gleaned from those surveyed was that MOST people like their pie “naked.” In other words, without toppings such as whipped cream or ice cream. (My oldest son would disagree.)
So, how do you like your pie? What’s your favorite? Please take part in our survey and/or leave a comment. We enjoy having you drop by.

For further tasty information on pies, National Pie Day or other foods, check out:


  1. OMG. this is my first time here. Your blog makes me hungry! lol.

    Pie? Oh, most definately with a lot of whipped cream. And I like my whipped cream drizzled with some carmel or fudge. mmmmmm

  2. scuse me while I kiss my pie. I like mine with icecream or a cheese.

  3. Another one I recently gleaned was about pies in the Tudor era... the crust was about two inches thick and the "shell" was called a "coffin"... and you'd actually only eat the insides and re-use the shell over and over again... The thought was that the shell kept the filling "fresh".

    ...and if you REALLY want a stomach churning bit of information, look up the original contents of "Humble Pie"... or "Umble Pie" as it was originally called. If you're a fan of Hagis, it MIGHT appeal...

  4. I had more than my quota on Thanksgiving alone. I've been known to eat five slices at one sitting.

  5. I like Shepherd's Pie and Shoo-Fly Pie the best, and I don't think I had my quote of pie in 2008...I've watching what I eat :-)

  6. Pie is the foundation upon which my culinary skills were built . Couldn't do without it.

  7. Interesting tidbit in #6. I'll never see that nursery rhymm the same way again.

  8. I love pie too. Yummy. Any will do. Thanks for all the great facts. Very interesting. Thanks for stopping by.

  9. I'm not letting Trevor near this ... and you know, Brenda, he takes over the blog on more days than Thursdays. You've been missing a lot of Trevor action if you only come by for Thirteens!

  10. Pies are big business in NZ and Australia. We eat a lot of pies down here.

    I like tomato ketchup on savory pies but I'm happy to go without the cream or ice cream for the sweet pies.

  11. I love pie! I'm sure I ate more than my quota for the year. I love warm fruit pies with ice cold real vanilla ice cream. I love pumpkin pie with real whipped cream.

  12. Best fruit pie? Apple pie a la mode - totally. I do like strawberry pie and chocolate silk pie quite well too!

    Then of course there are always those lovely savory pies. This whole week is making me hungry and interested in cooking.


  13. Interesting info about pies ... and I had no idea there was a National Pie day, but methinks I'll do something with Haiku Friday about pies ... and make sure I eat a piece too, just because ;--)

    Thanks for dropping by Small Reflections earlier and leaving a comment on my Witty Wednesday. I'm late to publish my T-13, but it's a fun one today.
    Hugs and blessings,

  14. What a great list of pie info... love it! And I love pie too!

    Thanks for visiting my blog!

  15. Yum! You've got me craving some pie now! And you've given me a good excuse to go get one. National Pie Day, hmm?

  16. Wow, I never knew so much about pie! Pretty interesting stuff.

  17. You mean not every day is Ntl. Pie Day (she says with a mouth full of pie crust)?

    Pumpkin and Cherry are my favorites. The only one I like with any topping is Apple Crisp heated with vanilla ice cream.

    The diner down the street from us makes a heavenly Chocolate & Peanut Butter Pie - so I easily fulfill my yearly quota on that alone. Current Peanut Butter problems be damned!

  18. Interesting facts on pies. I definately filled my quota! 6 slices. That's not much. My family loves Apple pie.

    thanks for stopping by mine :)

  19. Really? Only six slices a whole year?! I think I eat more than that in a month... (But I'm not American) =D

  20. I am way off the charts with No. 7. Show me a pumpkin pie and I will show you a job well done. I meet the quota on Thanksgiving.

  21. Delicious topic! Definitely have to have whipped cream on pumpkin pie, and either whipped cream or vanilla ice cream with fruit pies. Mmm...why am I suddenly hungry?

  22. Oh no--how could I have missed Pie Day?! None in the house and no ingredients to make one. Perhaps I need to visit a restaurant...

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and sharing the link to your wonderful blog! I'll be back!