Saturday, January 31, 2009

Just Desserts

Why was she stuck with this job? When she signed on with Pie Eyed, she was assured the company only took jobs to protest issues affecting society. Pieing an ex-boyfriend for being a jerk really didn't qualify as politically or socially relevant in the grand scheme of things.

Sharon adjusted her business suit and looked at the innocuous box which held the fated lemon meringue pie. She took a deep breath and studied herself in the bathroom mirror. She picked up the box and started her long walk to the conference room. Her target, the ex-boyfriend, was inside.

Of course Sharon knew why her boss, Alan took this job. The client put her very nice rack on display for him to drool over when she came in to purchase their services. Miss Laura Holmes strutted in with her fake D-cups and tight short skirt and Alan was mush. He rolled over with his tongue lolling out like a mindless puppy dog then he'd ordered Sharon to deliver the Pie Eyed coup de grace to Mr. William Cole in the middle of a business meeting.

She'd protested. Suggested a different locale. A different time. All to no avail. She should have quit, but her rent was due Friday and pay day was tomorrow. She knew if she didn't do the job, her boss would fire her and out of spite he'd hold up her paycheck for weeks.

She looked up and down the hall, surprised at the lack of people considering this was early Wednesday afternoon. Sharon walked to her destination as though she had ever right to be there. As if she was expected.

As she neared the conference room, she felt uncertain. Was she in the right place? Yes, the conference room was full of suits so this had to be the place. She opened the door and smiled with fake friendliness when all heads turned her way.

She sucked in a breath when she met the gaze of the target. He was stunning. Over six foot tall, dark eyes, with full lips and a fierce expression. Yeah, she could see him banging Laura (D-cup) Holmes and dumping her when she bored him. Guys like this deserved a take-down and today, she was the representative of every dumped girlfriend in the universe. Even the ones that looked like Laura. Sharon walked toward him, holding her pleasant smile in spite of his scowl.

"This is a private meeting. Who is your supervisor?" he barked.

"I was told you required a delivery immediately, so I've brought it for you. You are Mr. Cole, aren't you?" As she grew closer with her lemon bomb, he growled and gave her an abrupt nod. "Good. I want to make sure the right person gets this."

Sharon felt like she was in danger as she moved into range. He threw off heat-intense as a lava flow. Without flinching, she maintained her smile. With brisk efficiency, she pulled the pie from the box and planted it in his handsome face.

One of her favorite things about the job was the complete shock on the face of the recipient. And he'd looked more than shocked, he'd looked ticked. She gave the pie a twist for good measure then released, letting the aluminum tin fall onto the table.

"Mr. William Cole, you've been pied courtesy of Pie Eyed. Have a nice day."

She stepped back but not before he manacled her wrist in his huge hands. "I'm not William and you're in deep trouble."

"Oh, crap." She closed her eyes. This was probably her last day on this job. Before she left though, she would hit Alan with a big old key lime pie.


  1. I never get tired of a good pie in the face. LOL.

  2. Neither do I. I remembered hearing about "pieing" and decided it might be fun if there was a company you could hire to do the deed. This was fun to write.

    Thanks for the comment, Brenda!

  3. Paperback Diva,
    Thanks for commenting. I'm glad you enjoyed it!


  4. What happens next? Romance happens of course. LOL

    So, was that a nudge to write another installment, Jody? ;-)


  5. What a great start, Fran!! GREEAT setup! Gosh, I hope you finish this one sometime.

    Talia (thinking you are brilliant)