Tuesday, January 6, 2009

2009: Simplify

Now is the time of year when people dust off or drag out those tired resolutions and swear to lose 20 lbs., write every day, be a kinder, gentler mother, daughter, co-worker or human being. Now, I'm not dissing any of those noble intentions but I've learned that resolutions don't work for me. Life is too fluid to have something like a RESOLUTION hanging over my head. It makes me feel like I'm walking under baby grand piano that's being lifted to a second story apartment. And you know how that ends--SPLAT!

Too messy for me. And my world is messy enough, thank you. So my sincere hope this year is to simplify.

That's it.

I've realized at this late stage that I don't need it all. And I certainly can't do it all, so I am recycling, reorganizing, donating and yes...dumping stuff. Old stuff that I never used. New stuff that I thought I might need but don't. Oh, I had good intentions. I did! But the road to hell isn't paved with intentions people, it's paved with stuff!! George Carlin had it right all along!!!

I meant to become the queen of scrapebooking right after I learned to knit, started (and finished) that quilt, and conquered the art of making homemade bread from scratch. (No breadmachine for this lady.)

It's time to get over it.

Many things are worth keeping--things like friendships, a positive attitude, hugs and kisses. But beanie babies? Mismatched gloves? Old textbooks from college? Er...no.

With a little bit of luck, I might be able to finally get my linen closet closed!

So got any tips for me? Post them! Cause I'm all ears!



  1. Moving was one of the best methods I've discovered for simplifying--TONS of stuff gets tossed/sold/donated--but that may be a litle extreme : )

    Start with one room or closet and work from there. Trying to do it all at once could be overwhelming. Good luck!

  2. I have no decluttering tips. I have clutter on my clutter!


  3. Oh, and what Cathy said about starting with one closet? I would totally clean out the closet and put all the stuff in a different closet and then say, Oh, this closet is CLEAN!


  4. Can you say Mr. and Mrs. Pack Rat? It doesn't help when both spouses are bad about never throwing anything away. But I did clean out my refrigerator last weekend (you don't even want to know what was growing in the olive jar in the back -- ewwww!). Does that count?

  5. Yep, Lori. I have to clean out that refig every other week or so. That works for decluttering every time.

    Cathy, moving is out of the question but I've decided to be on first name basis with my sanitation men. LOL!

    Jody, clutter on clutter? I got that too. Pretty soon its going to become self-realized and animated. And that's just scary.