Sunday, December 7, 2008

A Second Take on Markets

I know I'm posting twice, but I've run across enough markets, it needed two posts for ease of reading. This one is specifically for paranormal writers!

The Complete Guide to Writing Paranormal—See E-mail address. Co-Editor: Kim Richards. "I'm co-editing a book on writing paranormal stories. It's going to be published by Dragon Moon Press."
"The Complete Guide to Writing Paranormal is officially accepting submissions. The book will be broken down into three basic sections: background and research (elements of paranormal: vampires, ghosts, spirits, etc.), the art of writing (character creation, plotting, editing, etc.), and publishing (submitting, promoting, market resources)."
"Your proposal should include a brief outline for the chapter, and a brief bio. Multiple proposals are permitted but authors will be limited to no more than two chapters per author."
"Chapters should be between 4000 and 10,000 words."
"Deadline for chapter proposals is December 20. Acceptances will be sent by the 31st of December and final drafts of chapters are due by February 28."
"The following chapters have been assigned so please do not query about these: Paranormal mysteries, writing believable ghosts, creating vampires, angels and fairies, paranormal romance, and lesser creatures of the paranormal: Trolls, Goblins and Things That Go ‘bump’ in the Dark."
"Please send Chapter proposals to [E-mail address below]. To avoid your proposal being lost in the ocean of spam that flows through our inbox, please use ‘Paranormal Guide Proposal’ as your subject header." [E-mail:]. Deadline: Chapter Proposals: December 20, 2008; First Drafts of Chapters: February 28, 2009.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this opportunity. The book sounds like a must-have for the paranormal writer.