Monday, December 15, 2008

The Hat of the Day

Most of us wear many hats. At any given time I wear the Writer Hat, the Web Designer Hat, the Artist Hat, the Wife Hat…the list goes on. After paying my dues wearing the Mommy Hat for 9 years as a stay-at-home mom, I feel like I’ve earned the right to don the Writer Hat from 9-4, Monday thru Friday. Not today. Today I’m wearing the Mommy Hat. I should be wearing the Writer Hat (picture a sparkly rhinestone tiara ala Miss America) because this has been a good week for the author side of me. I just learned my latest manuscript finaled in another contest and it’s on its way to a Berkley editor and I received a request from a top notch agent. Woo hoo! Things like that get my writer juices flowing and I’d love nothing more that to dive into the rough draft of book 2 in the series and knock out a good chuck of pages. But I can’t. I’m wearing the Mommy Hat today. Child #2 is home sick with a nasty stomach bug. He was couch-bound on Saturday, perked up yesterday, but today—Monday, which should be a full writing day for me—he’s relapsed. I can’t really get into anything because at any moment I’ll hear “Mommmie” and have to hold his poor little head over the puke bucket. I’m not frustrated though. It’s just one of those life moments that happen and ya gotta roll with it. So the tiara has to go back on the hat rack for the day and out comes the Mommie Hat (today it’s a baseball cap because my hair looks like a family of squirrels are living in it and I can’t take a shower for fear I’ll miss the pitiful cry for help from my sickly 7 year old). Maybe tomorrow I can be a writer again.


  1. Lori, I hope your little one is soon wearing the "healthy rambunctious kid" hat again soon!


  2. Sometimes that's just as bad. He's not know as the child who cannot self-entertain for nothing. *G*

  3. Lori...sorry about the kiddo but it could be worse--it could be the hubby. Mine is always worse than a little one when sick.

    I have my oldest home ill today but I am still off to work.

    Congrats on the contest wins and request!


  4. Nice post. Boy can I relate! Kudos on your contest win.

  5. Lately I've been wearing my crafting hat. I did make it myself. It's kind of lopsided and there are some stitches missing and it's hot and itchy. You think I'd just take the damn thing off, but I'm stubborn like that. But come January, I'm putting this hat in storage and donning my writer hat again! (Barring stomach viri)