Monday, November 17, 2008

Writing Prompts and such

Okay, so for now we are closing the curtain on Chris, Donner, Vixen and Dash. I must say that I never suspected that out little prompt would prompt so...much! Now I'll be developing those characters into a YA novel in the near future.

As Bruce Springsteen wrote: From small things, Mama, big things one day come.

Sooo what did I learn from the experience?

1. I LUUUUV writing YA!
That was my first try and boiy was fun! I have 2 teenagers in my house and steal their novels on a regular basis so, I knew I liked reading it, but I actually LOVED writing it: the pace, the humor and the angst.

2. I am not a pantser but...
Things kept happening as I wrote the next installment. Characters shifted. Worldbuilding began...ACK! The words kept coming!

3. Cliffhangers rock.
I love leaving readers hanging. MWAHAHAHA!

4. The mind works in very strange ways.
I'm still not sure how I cobbled reindeer shifters, Will Ferrell and the Winter dance together, but that's the beauty of creation.

Write on!



  1. It's cool that you learned something. I enjoyed the story and I'm a little sad it's over.

  2. I really enjoyed the story. You should definitely consider writing it as a YA novel. YA is really hot right now.