Sunday, November 16, 2008

I recently did an article for the RWA eNotes on websites for writers of different genres. I wanted to share the links I found for paranormal writers with all of you who've come in for a piece of pie, a delicious dinner or a hot cup of coffee or hot chocolate. Sit down and have a bite or drink before you begin your web surfing!

If you write paranormal fiction, you might find the following websites of use/interest : http://www.patricia, http://paranormalro, http://miladyinsani ty.wordpress. com/2006/ 04/17/how- to-write- paranormal- romance-101/, http://otherworlddi ner.blogspot. com/, http://www.virginia romancewriters. com/Links/ paranormallinks. html, http://www.bellaonl /492.asp, http://www.cs. mslee/ and http://paranormalro manceblog. wordpress. com/2008/ 02/08/new- writing-opportun ity-in-paranorma l-romance/.

If you have other sites you would recommend for writers of paranormal fiction, please feel free to email me at


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