Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Golden Heart

Okay, I am really sorry about posting so late. Blame it on the Golden Heart Contest. (BTW, I have no idea why the picture on the left looks silver instead of gold...but it should be gold...at least that would make sense, right?)

Today, I sent my baby--my manuscript--off to Texas to RWA's Golden Heart Contest. If you're a romance writer, chances are you already know all about the GH. If you're not, well...it's the biggest contest around for unpubs. And it ain't for the faint-hearted.

You see, as much as we writers may complain about the process of creating like wrestling with writers block, nailing deep POV, or landing in rewrite hell, to me the most difficult part of the process is letting go. I know. I worked (notice the past tense, did you?) on this MS about 4 years. Finally, after having some very valid and true weaknesses exposed, I edited (again) and sent it out into the big, bad world. Today. All of this "letting go" stuff stands in direct opposition to my Italian mom nature. Big time.

Now, there's just the waiting.

Relatively speaking, the GH doesn't get you much bang for your buck. Priced at $50.00, this contest is hefty for my purse (especially these days). However, I needed incentive and desperate times call for desperate measures. Losing that much money because I couldn't hit a deadline works for me. Gone was the dawdling, the procrastination, the excuses. Oh yeah, I needed the GH because I needed to move on.

I hate to moving on, btw. (see note about Italian mom instinct above.)

Gratefully, my MS is out there and out of my hands. Pass. Fail. Win. Lose. I hit the deadline. I did it. And that accomplishment has lifted me out of a handful of dark days here in Jersey. The time has come.

It's a new day.

A new story.

And a new deadline.




  1. I'm right there with ya, T. My baby is heading off to Texas today. You got me beat with the years to write it though -- mine only took 2. *G*

  2. Good luck, Lori. Maybe, in an unprecedented move by RWA, they'll announce the FIRST EVER TIE in the paranormal category for you and me.


    Talia (who doesn't wait well, btw)

  3. Deadlines are awesome for productivity. When I have one I don't feel anywhere near as guilty hiding from my family to work!


  4. Oh, forgot to add -- good luck to both of you (Talia and Lori) and any of the rest of us who toss our hats into the big RWA ring this year!


  5. Good luck to both of you (Lori and Talia). I'm a little frustrated with RWA at the moment though. Because I'm published I can't enter the GH but because I'm not going to be published in print, I can't enter the RITA. And they've just changed the rules on the RITA (again) and required an unspecified number in a "traditional print run"-whatever that means-in order to qualify. I guess that means I'll put my money into contests where I'm considered a "published" writer for now.