Saturday, October 11, 2008

No Use Crying Over Spilled Coffee

Damia and Trevor's story begins on my personal here.

Trevor Falcon gazed morosely into the dregs of his coffee cup. When had this contract handfasting gotten so complicated? It was supposed to be a year and a day then done. Instead, his touchy wife threatened to walk out on him...tonight. Even worse, he didn't want her to go. Ever.

Trev knew he should be at home trying to talk Damia down, but instead he'd run off to his cousin's diner. It was a simple act of self defense, because if he'd stayed at home, Damia would be throwing things at him and all because of Lori.

"Need a refill?"

"Yeah." Trev held out his cup.

"What's wrong cuz, has the ole ball and chain got you down?"

"Very funny, Keith." Trev sipped the hot coffee with a sigh. Keith might be a jerk, but he made the best coffee in the city.

"Well, you only come here when you try to get away for the formality of Falcon life. I'm just glad I didn't end up as head of the clan."

"Somehow I think the clan is grateful too." Trev turned to look when the bell on the diner door rang. Damn, it was her. His wife. His very pissed wife.

Damia pointed one finger at him. "You! How dare you run off! This discussion is far from over!" Lightening flew from her finger tip and nailed the full cup, shattering it. Coffee spattered the floor, the counter, and his pants. He leaped to his feet, lifting the hot wet fabric away from his crotch with a growl.

"What's the idea?"

"I walk in on you in a passionate clinch with my sister and you're mad at me? That's a laugh. I'm packed and my stuff is out in the car, but I wanted to say good bye before I left."

He looked up from his stained pants, panic tightening his chest. "You are not leaving me. We have a contract, Damia."

"You had a contract to marry a Raven woman. Well, Lori's back. Marry her. I'm out of here." Damia turned and pushed on the door but before she could take another step, Trev grabbed her and pulled her close.

"I don't want, Lori."

"You were engaged to her for three months. From the first you had a choice about who you wanted to take to wife. You chose Lori. I'll just make things easy for you both by going home, since she seems to have had a change of heart about leaving you at the altar."

"Once the marriage is contracted, it can't be set aside for a year and a day."

"So we stay married but I'll go back home."

"We have to live together. It's imperative."


Trev wished he could tell her, but somehow he knew it would make her more determined to leave him.

"If you won't level with me, Trev, I'm going."

She tried to pull away but he wouldn't release her. Her warm, soft form melded to his in ways that invaded his dreams at night. She felt just the way he'd imagined. He might not be able to explain, but he might be able to convince her to stay.

He cupped her smooth cheek in his hand and lowered his head to hers. Her wide eyes stared into his then slowly closed as their lips melted together. Trev wrapped his arms around her, deepening the kiss. This was what he'd wanted from the moment he'd set eyes on her, but could he convince her of that before she found out the truth?


  1. Fran, I love this this the beginnings of a novel? A short story or what?



  2. I'm considering turning into a novel or a short story, but I haven't decided what to do with it yet. I'm glad you liked it!


  3. Hmm, both Trevor and Damia seem to be complex and interesting. I like the mystery of why they have to be together and want to read on. Good job.

  4. Ooooh, sounds like it's building up to something good! You're welcome to post it in the Diner scene by scene heheh.


  5. I don't know where it's going yet - I'm not even sure what the secret is...can you tell I'm a pantser and not a plotter? LOL