Saturday, October 18, 2008

No Use Crying Over Spilled Coffee - Part 2

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Trevor opened his eyes, smiling as he stretched his arms over his head. Incredible. Satisfying. Mindblowing.

He'd known months ago that bedding Damia would rock his world, and he'd been right. It was that more than anything else which had caused him to choose Lori as his fiancee. He knew he'd be able to end things with Lori, even after a year and a day. But Damia? No, he'd never be free of her. Goddess, falling asleep with her wrapped in his arms last night had felt...right. Trev turned onto his side to enjoy the view, frowning as the empty bed at his side registered.

Was she showering? No. No splashing water. He lifted his gaze to the bathroom door. He growled as he noted the wide open door and dark room. Her pillow showed a dent where her head had rested, but when he ran his hands over the sheet it was cool.

Trevor sat up and looked around. His clothes dotted the floor, but her's were conspicuously absent. He jumped out of bed. Surely after such an incredible night, she wouldn't have left...would she? He paused before running out the bedroom door in search of his wife. Something told him he needed clothes, so he grabbed his trousers from the floor. He tugged them on and zipped them up before looking for Damia.

Her room was empty and her clothes were missing. Damn. He refused to believe she could be gone because explosive love-making like they shared last night was rare. Maybe she was eating breakfast? It was her normal routine to stumble to the kitchen to drink coffee and nibble on toast. He prayed to the Lord and Lady he would find her in the kitchen.

Trev pushed past the swinging door, hoping against hope he'd find Damia. He found a woman waiting for him, but it wasn't his wife.

"Aunt Sybil."

"Trevor, dear. How are you this morning?" She lifted her coffee cup in tribute, though her sardonic expression spoke volumes.

"I've been better," he sighed, closing his eyes briefly to pray that Damia hadn't yet met his Aunt.

"Oh, we've met. Now I know why you've been so determined to prevent your new wife from meeting me. You hadn't told her about the prophecy."

"Did you?"

"Yes. I didn't know that I was letting the cat out of the bag until she went as white as my sweater."


"Trevor, how could you hide something so important? I told you to tell your fiancee."

"I did."

"Then how...."

"Her sister, Lori, was my fiancee. I told her and she stood me up at the altar. Damia was there and she was a Raven, so I..."

"You used her."

"Damn it, I did not use her. I was going to tell her, but..."

"You fell in love with her."

Trevor shrugged unable to deny the truth. He ran his hands through his hair. He needed something to take the ice from his veins. Sybil raised her brows and poured him a cup of coffee, handing it to him. He sipped the hot strong brew.

"What happened last night at the family dinner? I saw you both, but she ran out then you followed."

"Lori showed up and said she was sorry. She threatened to tell Damia and I..."

"Kissed Lori to shut her up and Damia walked in on you and misinterpreted it?"

"Who told you?"

"Men," she sighed, shaking her head. "You forget who I am and what my gift is."

Prophecy. Telepathy. Oh yeah, this was starting out to be a great day.

"Trevor, you need to find your wife and have a talk with her before the prophecy destroys her."

"Her? You prophecied that a lack of connection would destroy me and the family business."

"I said it would destroy you and the future of the family. So tell me, what would would hurt you most? Losing your business or losing your love? And if you lost your love, how desperately might that affect the future of the family?"

His hand shook, spilling hot coffee all over him so he dropped the mug. "Crap!"

Trevor swallowed hard because his bad day had just got worse...


  1. Hey, why do I feel like I'm missing a scene here...a really hot mindblowing scene? :) Can't wait to see what this prophecy's all about.


  2. Hi Jody,
    Yes, there is a scene missing but I think we're a PG-13 blog. LOL

    BTW, I can't wait to see what the prophecy is all about either. I'm such a pantser!


  3. You mean you have NO IDEA where this is going???? HOW do pantsers do it??? I would go nutty!!!!

    Sooo in awe,