Sunday, October 26, 2008

Harry's Tea Room -- Intermission

Some of us at the Diner are done with our stories, some of us are taking a break this week to chat about other topics, and some of us are continuing. I had planned to continue, but circumstances in the Wallace household this week-end provided me with zero writing time. I did get some great suggestions as to what Miss Sandie was doing at Harry's garage, and their consistency was intriguing.

To wit:

* She is a secret werewolf who needs Harry's help.

* Her car broke down and she's a secret shifter, but maybe not a wolf.

* Miss Sandie thought she hit a dog, but it was a shifter and it bit one of her tires flat!

Do you sense a theme running in these suggestions? Yep -- Miss Sandie, according to my readers, is likely to be a shifter herself at this point. (And I think a similar suspicion might apply to anyone who showed up at this juncture because of the timing.) The way I doled out the narrative so far lend themselves to a paranormal or story twist at this point.

The first scene was where we met Harry and learned a few tidbits about his situation, like the fact that he's a werewolf and who's been going to Miss Sandie's for lunch in hopes of avoiding other local shifters, who would presumably avoid a prissy tea shop. We gleaned a very basic idea of how shifters coexist with humans--they live in secret. By the end of the scene the tension was ramped up when the very shifters Harry had been hoping to avoid invaded his sanctuary.

Scene two was all about the confrontation between Harry and Bianca, who was dead set on Harry as the new pack alpha. Because her goal involves pack politics, this allowed us to find out more about shifter life and how Harry differs from the traditional werewolf. He's an "independent" but he still loves eating steaks and having room to run.

Because the second scene was higher tension, the third scene was lower tension--world/scenery building with some time in Harry's thoughts, filling in blanks about how he got mixed up with the local pack. But an element of tension was still threaded through the piece, hopefully keeping the scene from being boring, what with Harry's looming deadline with the pack ritual. And then, he sensed something that wasn't quite right on his property.

So when we run into Miss Sandie at the end, I do think it makes "story sense" to assume there's something unusual about Miss Sandie's arrival at Harry's garage at this particular juncture.

But Miss Sandie is going to have to wait until next Sunday night for her secrets to be revealed! Thanks for staying tuned thus far.

Jody W.
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  1. Tease! Tease! Tease!

    See, I like the idea of Sandie not being a were because I like the added dilemma of Harry falling for a non-shifter and the problems that would involve. Bad to tell alpha female no...WORSE to tell her no in favor of a simple *human*.

    Looking forward to your next installment.


  2. I'm sure glad Miss Sandie and your readers could help you out with the plot--can they come over to my house when they finish? :)

  3. Well, Brenda, feel free to post your cliffhanger in the Diner and we'll all make suggestions!

    Jody W.