Tuesday, September 23, 2008

A Time for Ducks

Yesterday at work I was discussing gift possibilities for my cousin's 50th birthday. After batting around ideas with some of my co-workers, I came up with an excellent solution. My cousin will be the lucky recipient of 50 birthday rubber ducks along with a celebratory card that states, "50 is just DUCKY!"

Amazingly enough, another of my coworkers was appalled at this idea. "Why would you give her that?" she asked.

"Well," I answered, "it's whimsical and funny and she certainly won't forget getting it, right?"

The co-worker harumphed and replied, "Well, I would wonder if you were telling me I needed a bath! I'd much rather have money!"

The woman who suggested money is not strapped for cash nor is my cousin come to think of it. I shrugged it off and ordered the duckies.

The above example illustrates a point that I had forgotten: everyone may be creative, but not everyone nutures that creativity. Some people are perfectly content with a gift certificate on their 50th birthday. Imagine that. See, for me the duckies aren't about money...they're about memories. Call me crazy but I try to approach every aspect of my life with humor and creativity. It keeps me sane...sorta.

I love creating because it lets me play God. I mean, if man is created (aha!) in God's image, this makes perfect sense. Writing paranormals involves even more creation because I get to craft entire worlds and mold the characters from the clay of my ideas. Nifty stuff.

Creativity fills my well. It sounds impossible. How can output equal input? It's one of the great mysteries in my life that writing has made me a better wife, daughter, mother and person.

Creativity is the act of reaching out. Whether you write, dance or do cross-stitch, art is communication. It doesn't matter if you finger paint with your kindergartener or lift your voice in praise to God. You are stretching your soul outward. That must count for something in the big scheme of things.

I understand the practical side of life. I live with it daily because I must. But if I had my choice?

I'll take rubber duckies every time.



  1. What a great idea! And you're right, she would remember it.


  2. I love ther rubber duck idea! :) I'll have to let you know when I turn 50!