Sunday, September 28, 2008

Something About Nothing

That's what comes to mind when I think about writing and blocks. I feel like I can write anything about nothing, but when I need to write about something, I can't. It makes me crazy, keeps me going back and forth at night in my mind, wishing I could sleep instead. So I found a way to make it work - find out what helps me focus on the story I'm working on or the story that's keeping me from working on what I thought I was working on.

I'm always in the middle of something when another good idea strikes me as the "perfect" story. I want to stop what I'm doing and start writing on that, but what you end up with is a bunch of half-finished manuscripts. And I can't sell a half-finished book.

I've found if I can write down the story idea I have, include a few scenes or dialogue segments, maybe even a picture or two, whatever will hold that story idea open, I can get it out of my head and keep working on the current manuscript. For the current manuscript, to keep myself on track, I keep a posterboard over my computer filled with notes and pictures and scenes, postcards, anything I need to keep my mind focused. I find now, when I am stopped or blocked, all I have to do is go through the things on my board, and immediately, I find myself saying, what if I did this?

Which is how we got started in the first place, right?

Oh, by the way, I'm baking some yummy pumpkin bread. It's a great recipe, so if anyone wants to try it ... and then wants to make it, let me know :)
Happy eating!


  1. Great advice to take notes while the fire is hot. I usually have tons of ideas hit me WHILE I'm writing something too. I've gotten to the point where I write things down to work on later.

    BTW - I'd love to have the pumpkin bread recipe!


  2. Yeah! Bring on the pumpkin bread recipe!!! And I find that often when I am trying to write scene A all kinds of stuff for another section will bombard my poor brain.



  3. I'm the opposite, I can't start another story until I finished the book I'm working on.

    Good, you say? Not when you're stuck on the wip for years!

    Love the notes and dialog idea.


  4. Ah, I'd like the bread recipe too.