Saturday, September 13, 2008

Inspiring Ends

I'm a HEA reader through and through which is why I prefer genre fiction. In a mystery, the happy ending is getting the killer. In Science Fiction and Fantasy, the happy ending is saving the universe from the Evil Overlord whether that person is Darth Sidious (Emperor Palpatine) or Sauron, the Dark Lord of Middle Earth. In romance, of course, the HEA is your hero and heroine realize they love one another, tell everyone else, tell each other, then live in perpetual bliss and harmony.

Real life often doesn't end that way, which is why genre fiction is so necessary - at least for me. I know people talk about how great literary fiction is. I don't discount that. But you know, I find most literary fiction depressing. It's beautifully written and evocative...but usually dwells on learning stuff about the character and yet they continue to live in perpetual sadness and "reality." I can live without too intense a dose of reality in my reading materials.

So here's to inspiring ends that end happy! I love the home spun happiness of the Wizard of Oz - there's no place like home. I love it when the hero or heroine triumphs over evil or their own worst natures.
I love to read romance...all kinds. But my faves are the seriously hot erotic romances where a passionate moment becomes a passionate relationship.
I also love the ultimate inspiration...the male tuckus. So enjoy the accompanying visual feast of firm bottoms.
They definitely inspired me! Hope they inspire you too!

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