Monday, August 11, 2008

Snack Shop: Wild About Harry

Here at the diner, we've been testing out a new menu, so to speak. Last week diner employees served up top-notch entrees about beginnings. This week we're serving up snacks. Bite-sized tidbits that can range from favorite first lines/paragraphs to first impressions of a favorite character.

So, I'll kick it off with my new favorite hero: Harry Blackstone Copperfield Dresden created by Jim Butcher (though every author knows a good character has a life of his or her own.)

I'm late to the game (I know) but having just finished the first book, all I can say is "WOWSER!" Love at first read, baby. Love at first read. I can't wait to turn my teenager on to him.
A wizard for everyman. Harry is the kind of guy I love to Dark past, misunderstood by the opposite sex, not to mention that he's not trusted by his superiors, he struggles with ordinary things like food, rent, and staying alive. We've all felt that. Doesn't everyone have their own private Morgan who pops out of nowhere and tries to take you down? Let's hope we're able to keep our sense of humor and understand the power we hold within Harry.



  1. hehehe, I discovered Harry through the audiobooks because James Marsters did the narration and I'm a psycho Buffy/Spike fan.

    The Television show is really good too.

  2. I've really got to read Dresden sometime! I watched the TV show a couple of times when I was on vacation last year and thought it was awesome. Thanks for the reminder!