Monday, August 25, 2008

Foods with a Middle

This week we're still talking middles, but we're doing our snack entries, which means they're going to be short and sweet...or maybe savory. Since it's dinnertime in the Wallace household, I'm in the mood to talk about food! Here's a menu that focuses on the middles of things:

Start out with an appetizer of meaty stromboli bites dipped in either Italian dressing or marinara.

Then have your main course of cheese and spinach ravioli with a sauce of your choice--cream, tomato, cheese, what have you.

Next have green beans, obviously not the shellie kind since you want the beans to remain in the middle of the shells. These can be steamed or stir fried with carmelized onions and coarsely chopped Italian pancetta. You can also toss them with olive oil, bread crumbs, garlic and parmesan cheese.

End the meal with dessert, of course. There seem to be more dessert items with deliciousness in their centers than any other kind of food, maybe because middles are so yummy! But for tonight's menu, we're having cream puffs. Finisci di mangiare!

What are your favorite foods that are delicious mainly because of their middles?

Jody W.
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