Thursday, July 31, 2008

Thirteen Questions Writers Would Like to Ask Their Muses

Muses are odd creatures. Writers generally have a love/hate relationship with their own muse. In spite of the way movies portray the work of writing, real writers don’t just sit down and type wonderful prose without effort. In reality, writing is a very hard job—whether the muse is cooperating or not.

Today I’m offering a list of questions I think a writer might want to ask his or her muse. Writers will likely understand where I’m coming from, and readers will get a peek into the dark and mysterious world of how writers do what they do. Enjoy!

I’m in the shower. Why couldn’t you wait until I can write things down?
If men are from Mars, and women are from Venus, where the heck are you from?
I’m tired of staring at this blank page. Where are you?
Are you really a Greek goddess?
I have to get up early tomorrow. Why do I feel an overwhelming urge to go work on my manuscript?
Why don’t you go hang out with Nora Robert’s muse and take notes?
Will you tell me a story? Now?
You gave me the idea, would you please come back and help me write the dang thing?
Why does the word “deadline” scare you away?
Why in the world did you think I could write this story?
My boss is giving me my yearly review. Why are you telling me what a great werewolf victim he’d be? Even if it is true.
Can I bribe you? Please.
I’m on vacation. Why are you giving me a great story idea right now?
I have to get up early tomorrow. Why do I feel an overwhelming urge to go work on my manuscript?

Whatever artistic endeavor you like to indulge in, may your muse always be there for you.

Wait a minute. There’s my muse. Where’s she going? Hey, come back here! I have a deadline.......

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  1. Haha, great list! Where's your muse when you need her/him? ;-)
    Thanks for visiting my TT.

  2. Oy!! I know that feeling of getting up am because you can't get the words out of your head.

    Muses work really odd hours, I guess.



  3. Talia said: "Muses work really odd hours, I guess."

    Muses are just odd. LOL