Saturday, July 26, 2008

A Muse By Any Other Name Would Still Smell Like Mansweat...

I've talked to many writers who swear their muses are female. In classical mythology the muses were women. BUT... My muse is male. Absolutely and completely male. Not only is he male, but he is an alpha male. Dominant. Fierce. Passionate. Oh, yeah.

Often my muse bears an uncanny resemblance to my latest hero. Usually he is tall, dark haired, dark eyed, with large expressive hands, full lips, and a killer bod. Hey, a muse is supposed to inspire you know.

Most of the time my muse hangs out in the living room or the bedroom. Why the bedroom? Girls, I write erotic romance. Where else should he be? Unfortunately, when he's in the living room he tends to watch guy movies and NASCAR. Worse yet, I think he likes football. Yeah. Just like a real man.

I mean, he's my fantasy, ya know? He's supposed to think like Alan Alda but look Kevin Smith and make love like my favorite porn star.

So why does the guy have a mind of his own? I mean it's just not fair. Yes, I'm whining, but why shouldn't I? After all, last year he went on a road trip to tropical climes and left me home. I was NOT happy with him when he deserted me. Of course I made him pay when he finally returned. I'm a bitch that way.

This year my muse has been a pretty good boy. Not a lap dog, by any stretch of the imagination, but he's stayed pretty close. I don't know - maybe it's the price of gasoline.

Actually, I think it's because he likes being viewed as my "knight in shining armor." Literally. Since, I've started writing medieval I think he may have been giving me back rubs and kissing my neck. What pleases him so? I asked too, and I think a muse really likes it when you find your voice and with my medieval paranormal erotic romance, I think I found mine. It felt comfortable. It felt right. Such a feeling is rare, so at this moment in time my muse and I are in harmony and working well together.

The one problem? Football season starts in about a month. Be afraid. Be very afraid. I am.


  1. hehe kickass post. I like em dominant and growly too.

  2. Thanks Zoe. I love my muse, I just wish he were a little more of a fantasy instead of so typically guy-like. ;-)

  3. Hey Francesca,
    Great post. I think I'd like to meet your muse. I'm in an internet cafe in India and I'm so excited to be able to connect with the diner. Say hello to everyone for me.