Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Release Day

Today is release day for my paranormal romance, Shadows of Evil (available from Samhain Publishing). In honor of the release, the other employees have stepped aside to allow me to talk about my book. Thank you, ladies.
Okay, confesion time. I love the heroes in my books. I'm actually scared I'll accidently call my husband by the name of the hero I'm currently working on. I'm not sure if he'd understand. Garrett of Shadows of Evil is no exception.

Here's the blurb for Shadows:

For Kia Wolfe, moving to an isolated mountaintop is an act of independence from her demanding family and ex-fiancĂ©. She’s literally dreamed about the regal old house for years, and for the first time in her life she feels at home. She’s here to stay, even though the house’s history of violent deaths is enough to scare off most people.

Garrett McKnight, owner of the contracting firm Kia has hired to renovate her house, is wary of the new resident. Emotionally bruised and battered by a self-centered ex-wife, he can’t get around the fact that there’s something about Kia that both attracts him and sets him on edge. And when Kia dabbles in a bit of Wicca, accidentally unleashing a hidden evil, it’s tempting to walk away and leave her to her to her fate.

But he can’t. Not when four people have died in that house.

The hero from Shadows was a hard man to get a handle on (no, not THAT way, LOL). Garrett, like a lot of men, tends to hold everything inside. It didn't help that Kia is such a strong character. She overpowered him for two rewrites. And then I finally figured out his goals and motivation, and things became more interesting. He's a loyal man, a caring man, and a man who is willing to go to the mat for the people he loves.

Here's an example:



"What’s wrong?"

A glance toward the kitchen had her swallowing hard. "Could you maybe come over here?"

"I’m on my way. Are you hurt?"

She shook her head before she realized he couldn’t see her. "No."

Through the phone came what sounded like a groan, then a door closed, and she heard feet running. "Are you in danger?"

She glanced toward the barricaded basement door. It was all too easy to imagine something blowing out of there, something dark and evil.

"Kia? Honey, what’s going on?"

It took effort to shake herself back to reality. "I found something I…I don’t know…" Then she was biting back tears.

"I’ll be there in a minute, just hang on."


He kept asking questions and she somehow managed to answer. But when she heard his pickup pull in the driveway, she gasped like she’d been holding her breath.

Dracula barked, of course, and the sharp sound tore at her already over-stimulated nerves. It was a trembling hand that pushed aside the drapes enough to make sure it really was Garrett who had just pulled in. Part of her wanted to race outside to meet him, but most of her would much rather not go out into the darkness.

She compromised by opening the door when he came up the steps. "Garrett."

Then he was across the porch and taking her in his arms, and his warmth and strength were a balm to her overloaded system. His gentle voice washed over her, soothing her, making her feel safe and protected. She heard the door close and lock, as he held her close.

Then he pulled back and took her face between his hands. "What the hell happened?"

I really enjoyed telling Garrett and Kia's story. It was fun working with strong, demanding Kia, but it was even more interesting finding the strength inside Garrett. Now on to the next story. Ah, the life of a writer. There’s nothing better. Oh, and getting published, that’s pretty cool too ;)


  1. Your hero sounds way hot! Congratulations on your new release! May many sales come your way! Wooo Hooo!

  2. Wonderful Cheryl! See, I have the damnest time nailing down my heroine. Really. This is the 3rd rewrite and I think (and pray) I've finally discovered who she really is.

    Congrats hon!

    Sounds like an awesome read!!!!


  3. Happy release day! Garrett sounds yummie. *G*