Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Cereal, a Writer's Best Friend

I'm a pretty good cook, but gawd do I dislike cooking. Baking I'll do, even enjoy, but cooking? Just shoot me now.

Unfortunately my family discovered my unwanted talent and now they make me do it all the time. Had I known of the downfall ahead, I would have staged a few cooking disasters and then someone else would have to do it. Oh, well, a missed opportunity.

So what does a reluctant cook do when in the middle of writing a climatic scene and the kids are whining for food?

For me, I'm not above having popcorn, donuts or even the occasional candy bar for dinner, if it means I don't need to actually turn a knob on the stove. But ya can't give those things to growing kids. It's just not healthy. So what to do?

First, see if you can guilt Dad into doing it, but if he's had a long drive home from work, that's a long shot at best.

Second, sigh a lot. Who knows, maybe one of the older kids will take pity on you and offer to slave over the stove. Hey, it could happen.

Third, subtly remind the family of the benefits of cereal. I know my mom is cringing right now, but I don't think she realizes how important the scene I'm writing is (or how very much I despise cooking).

Forth, frankfurters are easy and require little supervision. Most of my kids don't like them, but they're probably having cereal anyway.

Pasta is great, but you need to remember to stir it on occasion, then drain, then add something to it. Too much effort. Cereal, definitely cereal.

When all else fails, there's always the beloved standby; PB & J. Of course, you need to actually have those ingredients in your house. If you don't, then you need to do one of the most awful things known to man.


I loathe shopping, probably as much as cooking. But that's for another blog :)

Happy cooking!



  1. I like your style Maggie. You want to know my secret? At our house, when daddy's not home, mommie doesn't cook. The kids have come to know this as Mickey D night. A Happy Meal and a Playland and they're occupied for a good 1-2 hours while I hide in a corner and write. It's amazing the background noise you can block out when you want to. :) Of course, that means I have to load them up in the car and drive...but as long as I don't have to cook, that's fine with me.

  2. Ah, how could I forget the 'take out' nights!

    When I was working on a particularly difficult scene, I lost count of the times we had Chinese, McD's and pizza.

    And then there's "fend for yourself night.' The older kids love that one :)


  3. I love cereal, but right now I'm working on another plan that I hope will pay off big in writing time and full stomachs. I'm teaching my sons to cook. I'll keep you posted on the progress.