Monday, April 14, 2008

More Free Reads -- Enjoy!

This biweek at the Diner, we had so much fun posting fiction we're going to do it again. Some of the staff will be posting more prompts, and some will be posting 1000 word excerpts from their own writing. At the Diner, we don't usually go on and on about our own stories in specific, so we thought this might be a change of pace.

If we are doing more than sharing -- ie, if we want focused critical opinions -- we will specify at the beginning of the excerpt what type of feedback we're looking for. Maybe a reaction to the worldbuilding. Maybe a question about what happens next. Maybe an opinion on whether or not this particular trope is overdone. Some might do query letters, and some might come up with brand new variations on the theme. Either way, it should be an interesting two weeks.

After this introductory post explaining the purpose of our biweek, I'm going to share the first couple pages of a piece of short fiction I've been twiddling with. Tomorrow, our staff member Talia is taking some family time, so I'm going to post the remainder of my prompt from last week, as the story involves Talia and her position at the Diner. After that, I never have any idea what wildness the ladies will come up with, but it never disappoints.

So stay tuned!

Jody W.
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