Friday, March 14, 2008

A Little Fairy Tale

Once upon a time, a woman who was a bit out of the ordinary—Unique, we shall say—was looking for someone to share Happily Ever After with. She’d tried relationships with regular men, even married one. But alas, none of these relationships led to anything long-lasting—although she did cherish the two beautiful, half-regular daughters that resulted from her marriage. Eventually, the Unique Woman gave up on a relationship with a man. Her children were grown and ready to leave home, so the Unique Woman was looking forward to having time to herself.

The Powers That Be, however, had other ideas, and conspired to play matchmaker. Soon the Unique Woman found herself frequently running into an Odd Man. He was muscular, strong, and rather large in his upper body, but his legs were not very long, making him shorter than most men. Unique Woman wasn’t all that tall herself, so she didn’t care about that. She liked his dark red hair and beard, and saw that his bright blue eyes were filled with caring and strength—a lovely combination in Unique Woman’s opinion.

Unique Woman told Odd Man many times that she was not interested in a relationship, to which he only smiled knowingly. Slowly he wormed his way into her heart. Fun-loving and generous to a fault, he touched a special place inside her, a place no one had every touched before. She was determined not to fall in love with him though.

The Unique Woman loved words. They flew around and formed Unique Stories for her. The Odd Man was very supportive of her love of words. He had a love of his own, Shiny Things. His most beloved Shiny Thing was gold, and he loved to go on searches for the precious stuff. He told her that he had lost a pot of shiny gold somewhere, and he was determined to find it. He especially enjoyed looking for this pot of gold after rainstorms, when a rainbow stretches its bright colors across the sky.

For months, Unique Woman and Odd Man traveled around together in Unique Woman’s strange craft to look for his pot of gold and ideas for stories her words could form for her. They talked about their respective interests, and other things, and found that they complimented each other very well. While Unique Woman was introverted and preferred to spend time playing with her words, Odd Man was charming, extroverted, and dearly loved to talk with anyone and everyone. Together they had all their bases covered.

After a time, Unique Woman’s defenses cracked and she fell under the man’s spell. They dated seriously for a while, and eventually they married. The woman’s daughters participated in the wedding, and both were thrilled that their mother had finally found happiness.

The Powers That Be were thrilled at the pairing. A leprechaun and an alien, what a remarkable pair.
By the way, the picture is of one of Unique Woman's grandsons. Think there might be a bit of the Irish on her side of the family too?


  1. He is a lady killer for sure. I love red-haired men, though I married a dark swarthy type. And I adore red-headed heroes (the BEST IMO) and of course my heroines--red headed like moi.

    A lovely story made all the better because its true.



  2. What a 'unique' love story. Thanks for sharing it.

  3. Love the photo of the cute red-headed boy. And thanks for sharing a very unusual love story.

  4. The grandson is adorable, and I loved the story too!