Saturday, March 8, 2008

It's the Music...

Jody started the week with "it's not the potatoes." I have to agree. Now I love my potatoes, but so many things in Ireland offer me inspiration. The land, the culture, the people, but most especially the music.

I think I have talked about my love of the movie, The Quiet Man before. The movie is a fun romantic comedy but what sets the tone (other than the wonderful Barry Fitzgerald)? The music. I'll never forget that little diddy that Michalin og Flynn would hum and the orchestra picked up.

I'm forever astonished by the resilience and general happiness of Irish music. Even at its most passionate about a given cause, it sounds hopeful. Upbeat. I love that and find it inspiring personally and also with my writing. Unlike Jody and Talia, I don't have a current work in progress set in Ireland. But I have one on the horizon. It was inspired by original music written by my favorite regional band, Wylde Nept. I know, I've talked about these guys before too. At least I think so.

I really hadn't a clue about Irish music until about ten years ago when I joined the SCA and did a demo at a Ren Faire. Wylde Nept was playing traditional celtic music. Their repertoire leans leaning heavily on the bar music-those wonderful fighting and drinking songs. I fell in love...with the music. Now yes, the band guys are cute but it was the music. Really! It spoke to me and spoke to everyone there. Music has power.

I remember at one concert, a Nept virgin (never heard them play before) was there and she got up and started step dancing. REAL step dancing. Everyone cleared the floor cause she was amazing. We also cheered. It was a blast.

Back to the inspiration. I listened to one of their original tunes at a concert and the idea for a story hit me in the head. One day I'll write it and give credit where it's due for my spark of inspiration.

Wylde Nept opened up the world of the Chieftains, The Clancy Brothers, The Dubliners and more to me. It's wonderful music to listen to when you write or if you're feeling blue. It never fails to lift me up and it gives me all kinds of ideas.

I've talked myself into cranking up their music to sing along and after a full day at work, I need a lift. Break out a Guinness and start stepping everyone!


  1. I think Irish dancers are inspiring. My friend's daughter is an Irish-stepper. It's fun to watch her practice and attend her performances.

  2. Oh yes! Irish music. I LUUUUV the music. And I really need to look up that band because there is always room for one more CD on the shelf.



  3. I need to introduce you to my husband, he absolutely loves celtic music! I love the harps!