Friday, March 7, 2008

Atlantis, Ireland and Mu

Atlantis, Ireland and Mu
Ireland discovered to be Lost Island of Atlantis!

“This is the most amazing find we have ever discovered,” Dr. Jac Hummer leader of the geographic team to South America said. “We are hoping to find an intact burial mound under this pyramid. If we do, it is quite likely that we will have the true burial site of the famed Saint Patrick of Ireland.”

Dr. Hummer recently discovered a stone pyramid deep in the jungles of Brazil. Covered with a thick growth plants, the pyramid appears at first glance to be hundred’s possibly thousands of years old. Dr. Hummer does not think so, pointing out symbols carved into the rock, of what appears to be Celtic crosses, and a possible effigy of an early Christian Bishop.

“If this indeed turns out to be the last resting place of Saint Patrick of Ireland, then I will also have final proof of my theory of Ireland being the lost island of Atlantis,” Dr. Hummer explained.

The early history of Irish studies is characterized by a grave dispute over the origins of Irish civilization. In many ways, this dispute is an argument over two lost continents, Atlantis and Mu, and where their survivors may have settled. Proponents of the Atlantis hypothesis have argued that survivors of that lost continent spread to Africa and to Central America, giving rise to advanced civilizations like Egypt and the Maya while followers of Mu claimed wrongly that refugees from the lost Pacific continent ventured to China and Central America, giving rise to advanced civilizations. That Ireland began with the death these two civilizations has not until now been considered.

Mu as laid down by Plato created a vision of the island-continent located in the Pacific Ocean, whose remains it was thought could still be seen in the cyclopean ruins of the Polynesian islands, most notably the statues of Easter Island. Mu was thought to be lost forever by some cataclysm which destroyed the island home.

Previous studies placed Atlantis in the Atlantic Ocean and had its descendants populate the Atlantic rim, bringing culture to the ignorant natives after the fall of the great island. Newly found evidence in South America supports the theory that not only was Mu destroyed far later than originally thought, but that the present day Ireland is the remaining Island of the land bridge to leading to the technologically advanced civilization of Atlantis.

China Meli special to the Journal.


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