Tuesday, March 4, 2008

The Allure of the Emerald Isle

I don't know precisely when I fell in love with Ireland. Certainly it's not because I've ever been there. I've barely left New Jersey, let alone the good old USA. Nor can I claim any ancestral ties to Eire unless one of my Italian relatives were stationed back there when Rome ruled the world. Yet as I look over my WIP, I realize that my Fae hero and heroine have Irish heritage and like Jody, I have a leprechaun (though mine is more of a humorous sidekick-type.)

So what is the fascination?

For me, I think that Ireland is one of the few places in our scientifically-saturated world where it's okay to believe that magic still exists. Ireland resonants with readers and smart writers take advantage of that fact. Even Italian writers.

Irish folklore boasts not only leprechauns, but banshees, grogochs and selkies! Then, all you need to do as a writer is to tap into one of these faerie types and start spinning your story. Okay, so it's not really that easy, but the place holds great fodder for the imagination. Need more inspiration? Track down some Irish music. I highly recommend The Book of Invasions by a band from the '70's called Horslips.

And need I lecture you again on the genius of Van Morrison?

I didn't think so. ;)



  1. Ireland is fascinating. My claim to Irish fame has the same name as something face, Bailey's Irish Creme liquor, yummy stuff in hot chocolate or on ice cream!

  2. Actually sweetie, Ireland isn't real either. It's just a rainbow in your eye. If it wern't for Jolly ol' England and Ripe Bonnie Scotland, not to mention curvatious and Guitherii Wales, the myth of an emerald island existing out in the ocean somewhere, would have long gone the way of Atlantis. Just ask any good Scotsman directions to Ireland and see if YOU can find it!!!

  3. LOLOL! Well since I have trouble finding my keys, I don't doubt it.